Electric cars in Morocco

While their presence on the roads remains modest, electric cars in Morocco are increasingly making waves. Dealerships and importers now offer 100% electric models whose autonomy, efficiency, and comfort allow for daily use. Let’s shine a spotlight on the 8 vehicles, sorted by category, that have caught the attention of the editorial team at the beginning of this year!

Opting for electric cars in Morocco is above all about embracing eco-responsible behavior. Depending on how you’ll use it,  various models, in all categories of vehicles, are now available.

At first, electric cars in Morocco are a rather high investment, much more significant than that of a traditional car. But in the medium term, it allows for significant savings. Recharging an electric car in Morocco to travel 100 kilometers costs around 20 MAD. Refueling for the same distance costs around 100 MAD! In terms of maintenance, you will also save money: no oil changes, no vehicle registration tax, no luxury tax to pay.

One important question remains: what about charging? Let’s face it,  just a few years ago, electric cars required frequent stops to be recharged. But things have changed significantly. Today, the real concern is how to sustainably produce the necessary energy.

 In Morocco, nearly 80% of energy production is still dependent on coal, oil, and gas.. By 2030, the country aims to produce at least 50% of it through renewable energies. In this context, several options are available to you when you become the owner of an electric car in Morocco. You can recharge your vehicle by simply plugging it into your electrical network (220V) at home. It will recharge throughout the night, allowing you to drive worry-free  for at least a whole day. You can also plug  it into a shared charging station in your residential building or at your workplace.

Otherwise, you will need to go to one of the gas stations equipped with fast charging stations. You can also connect to one of the apps that list charging stations. By 2026, according to APIME (Intersectoral Professional Association for Electric Mobility), nearly 2500 new charging stations are expected to be set up across Morocco. This should convince even the most skeptical among you to switch to electric!

Eco & Smart for City Driving!
A Microcar for Everyday Use

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Fiat 500 of the 1960s, the Fiat Topolino is absolutely adorable. Available in a “classic” or “Dolce Vita”version (with a sunroof) and equipped with two seats, it’s a truly fun city car. Its small dimensions make parking a breeze. Its retro look and unique Verde Vita color appeal to both men and women. With no clutch or gear sgift, it’s offered in Europe without a license, making it even more appealing to young drivers. With 4 hours of charging at home using a standard electrical outlet, it allows you to travel up to 75 kilometers at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Safer than a scooter, the Topolino is ideal for short urban trips. It combines autonomy, comfort, and ease of use.

Fiat Topolino
Starting from 115,900 MAD including VAT
STELLANTIS & YOU Ouled Benameur, Km 6, Bouskoura, Green City exit
Phone: 05 22 01 70 00

 A Practical City Car

With its cool design, impressive range, and truly affordable price (the cheapest electric car on the market), the Dacia Spring ticks a lot of boxes. It offers up to 230 kilometers of range in mixed driving conditions (city + highway) and up to 305 kilometers in urban driving. Once fully charged, its battery could even last for a whole week in the city! With its 4 real seats and 290-liter trunk, it is offered with additional options available in all three versions of the brand: Essential, Expression, and Extreme. In the most advanced version, leather seats and onboard technology make it a city car that is both comfortable and affordable!

Dacia Spring
starting from 199,000 MAD including VAT excluding registration fees
Phone: 05 20 019 019

Sedans for Eco-Comfortable Road Trips

Madefor the Open Road

Introduced in Morocco just a few months ago, the new BMW i5 reinvents the rules of electric luxury. Elegant, imposing, and above all, powerful, it can travel approximately 582 kilometers on a single charge. Available in classic, M Sport, and M Sport Pro versions, the BMW i5 boasts 340 horsepower — enough  to thrill drivers looking for eco-responsible power. In the M version, it features “Veganza” vegan leather and a large curved screen placed centrally in the cabin. It offers a silent, serene, and smooth driving experience. The i5 is equally at ease on the highway as it is in urban environments.

BMW i5 starting from 965,000 MAD excluding registration fees
SMEIA – BMW bd Moulay Slimane, Casablanca
Phone: 05 22 40 07 00

 Award-Winning Design

Conceived by the team led by Wolfgang Egger, an automotive designer who has, among other accomplishments, headed Audi’s styling department, the BYD Han catches the eye with its aerodynamic form. In 2023, it clinched the prestigious IF Design Award, which annually honors outstanding designs across seven product categories. The Han was unveiled in Morocco in late 2023, alongside BYD, the Chinese brand imported by AutoNejma. Combining sportiness, dynamism, and comfort, it boasts a futuristic design that appeals to the senses. Equipped with a high-performance engine, it’s capable of covering approximately 520 kilometers on a full charge in mixed driving conditions (city and highway). Inside, the stitched leather seats, central touchscreen, and soundproof cabin ensure a truly pleasant driving experience.

Starting from 739,000 MAD including VAT
BYD at AutoNjema Km 10, El Jadida Road, Casablanca
Phone: 08 01 02 00 20

Sporty and Sleek

Here’s an electric car in Morocco that many dream about. With its 326 horsepower and a range of just under 500 kilometers, the Porsche Taycan sets the bar high for performance. It checks several boxes for  what the car of the future could be, primarily because it indeed allows you to go fast and far! Recognizable by the design of its rear light strip, it exudes a decidedly sporty look. Inside, the Porsche Advanced Cockpit revolves around a curved screen. The low position of the sport seats and the multifunction steering wheel add to the comfort and intensify the driving experience.

Porsche Taycan starting from 1,096,500 MAD including VAT CAC –
Porsche bd Moulay Slimane, Casablanca
Phone: 05 20 35 69 11

SUVs for Conquering All Terrains

 The Prestige of the Iconic Star 

Combining luxury sedan and avant-garde SUV, the new EQS SUV from Mercedes-Benz offers an intriguing definition of electric cars in Morocco. Available in 450 4Matic and 580 4Matic versions, the interior comfort is taken to the extreme, just like  the electric innovation that showcases the German manufacturer’s expertise. The most remarkable feature of the EQS is its hyper-screen that spans the entire width of the cabin. Behind its harmonious exterior shape, the vehicle is packed with technology; air  suspension, air pollution reduction, sound and visual experiences, driving assistants, and aids are just a few examples. The Mercedes electric SUV offers a range of 630 kilometers with a power output of around 360 horsepower. Comfort and safety are its main strengths, making it comfortable on all terrains.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV
starting from 2,300,000 MAD including VAT
Mercedes-Benz – Auto Nejma Km 10, El Jadida Road, Casablanca
Phone: 08 01 02 00 20

A Compact Crossover

It’s the GBH Group, through its subsidiary Bamotors, that recently introduced the Geely brand to the Moroccan electric car market. Combining significant driving range and size typical of the SUV category, the Geometry C is an interesting compromise. It proves to be competitive both in terms of price and in terms of comfort, equipment, and performance. With a full battery, it can cover a distance of 460 kilometers. The futuristic look of the exterior design adequately matches the electric technology implemented by the Chinese manufacturer. Inside, you’ll appreciate the panoramic sunroof and the driving assistance systems that make the experience even more enjoyable.

Geely Geometry C
starting from 410,000 MAD including VAT
Geely – Groupe BA Motors – GBH Corner of Boulevard Moulay Ismaïl and Boulevard Batli Mohamed El Mekki, Casablanca
Phone: 05 22 64 52 51

A Bias for the Big 

The Audi Q8 e-tron is a pioneering model in the luxury SUV category. With its new version, the e-tron can travel nearly 570 kilometers. Its imposing design is topped with a distinctive lighting signature. It emphasizes its Singleframe grill which  gives it a sporty  look. The leather interior is both spacious and cozy. The adaptive air suspension and the numerous assistance systems ensure a safe and pleasant driving experience. Offered in two versions, the e-tron can be equipped with a multitude of remarkably smart technology t options, notably,   the virtual mirrors with cameras in place of traditional mirrors. An ambassador for luxury electric SUVs, the Q8 e-tron is a synthesis of the most high-performing  and comfortable technology!

Audi Q8 e-tron
starting from 1,050,000 MAD including VAT CAC –
Audi bd Moulay Slimane, Casablanca
Phone: 05 20 00 62 00

Ultimately, electric cars in Morocco, just like all over the world,  are the vehicle of tomorrow. All that’s left to hope for is that its production will become cleaner (lithium batteries and massive water use) to truly reduce its environmental impact. The development of renewable energies to recharge it would also contribute to this effort!

Photo (c) : Ming. N

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