Fashion and luxury professionals, the Shoelifer team is made up of journalists, designers, photographers, and seasoned veterans in the realms of style and creativity. They have been part of the genesis of this site and collaborate daily, infusing it with freshness and constructive criticism to shape its character. We are proud to introduce the Shoelifer family.

In 2016, Sofia Benbrahim launched Shoelifer.com, the first and only 100% digital luxury and lifestyle magazine in Morocco to date, along with Serafina Concept, her agency dedicated to 360° content creation, including web shows, events for international luxury brands, fashion shows, and exhibitions in Morocco, Paris, and Abu Dhabi. Driven by her thirst for knowledge she decided to further her expertise by earning a master’s in journalism in 2019 from the École Supérieure de Journalisme in Paris, and in 2022 obtaining certification in corporate governance from the Moroccan Institute of Directors – International University of Rabat. Proud of her cultural heritage and roots, Sofia emphasizes the importance of both preserving and showcasing Morocco’s traditional crafts and creative savoir-faire. Over the years, she has built a strong network of support within the local and global Moroccan fashion and artistic communities. Progressive and deeply committed to the belief that a country’s growth hinges on the empowerment of women, she is involved in several associations including AFEM (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Morocco – affiliated with the CGEM) and We4She, a network of female business leaders working towards women’s empowerment.


With her heart in Morocco and her mind in France, Nina Kozlowski has honed her skills as a journalist within the Moroccan independent press since 2012 (TelQuel, Zamane), before collaborating with several French editorial teams (Jeune Afrique, RFI, ARTE, etc.). A true Renaissance woman, she is equally interested in politics and lifestyle, passionate about pop culture, and can equally discuss Rihanna, the latest fashion trend, or legislative reform. This is why she has been collaborating with Shoelifer for several years.
Born in Switzerland, Caroline Delajoux grew up in Morocco where she began her career in communication and marketing. Her interest in journalism then led her to work in an event-management agency before joining the women’s magazine, Plurielle. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, she has shifted towards public relations, but remains involved in the media industry as the beauty/wellness editor for Shoelifer. An accomplished equestrian and show jumper, Caroline is also a dreamer who enjoys traveling and escaping through reading.


An independent journalist based in France who is always ready to explore new horizons, Fatima Haïm began her journey in the press after studying history and journalism. After being captivated for a few years by the press and publishing industry, it was during a trip to Morocco in 2014 that she reconnected with her initial training. Settling in Casablanca for a few years, she contributed to various publications, such as Femmes du Maroc, Afrique Magazine, and also left her mark within the editorial team of Shoelifer.
Passionate about fashion and dance, with a degree from Sup de Pub in copywriting, Soraya Tadlaoui began her career in Burberry’s press department before gaining professional experience at ABCLuxe, a strategic monitoring site; Glamour magazine; Bureau de Victor,a photography agency and L’Express.fr/Styles. In 2009, she flew to New York where she worked freelance and pursued her career as a professional dancer for two years. Back in Morocco, she joined the editorial team of L’Officiel Maroc before becoming an independent writer for various platforms while also juggling her roles as a dance teacher and stylist.
With several years of experience in both women’s media and events, Hasna Chaâbi collaborated with Serafina Concept before officially joining the team as production manager. Her professional journey began in 2004 at Femmes du Maroc, then she continued her career in various magazines such as Plurielle, L’Officiel Maroc, Illi, Dalia Air Magazine, and Shoelifer, alternating between fashion and lifestyle journalism. However, her people skills, organization, and coordination to ensure that each project is realized under the best conditions has always led her towards event planning, where she is active on all fronts.
After High School graduation, Iness Naciri continued her academic journey in London and then in Paris, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business & Marketing, followed by a master’s degree in Digital Communication. As a brand content manager for six years at Spoke and later Sensiogrey, she specialized in social media and content strategy. Returning to Morocco, she launched her own clothing brand, Ikone Vintage, in 2022, showcasing European designers. Currently, as a content manager at Shoelifer/Serafina Concept, she is responsible for creating editorial content and managing the web show, Shoelifer Eye, from filming to post-production.
Versatility, discretion, proactivity, and organizational skills characterize Loubna Kostas, the office manager at Serafina Concept. With a degree in hospitality and tourist entertainment, she previously held various positions as a commercial and production assistant in Casablanca in several press groups (Dalia Media, Midan, Geomedia) and audiovisual production agencies (Atelier Prod) before moving on to positions as an executive assistant. Her ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, attention to detail, and capacity to anticipate needs and quickly resolve issues make Loubna Kostas an essential link, allowing the team to focus on their work.
After completing an eclectic academic journey, including a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and organizational management from the Faculty of Quebec, Salma Benrhazel began her career in communications and marketing. After joining a Moroccan startup, she worked as an entrepreneurship consultant for the INDH (National Initiative for Human Development) and as a communication project manager at the agency, Acronym, marking the beginning of turning simple ideas into concrete achievements. At Shoelifer, where she currently serves as digital editor, she combines her enthusiasm for communication and fashion.
After completing secondary studies in Paris, Sarah Zaïd initially pursued Philosophy and Art History at La Sorbonne, but her interest in street art and design redirected her towards a semester of preparatory studies in Applied Arts before embarking on studies in interior architecture. Back in Morocco, she considered joining the family firm, but thanks to a meeting with the managing director of the magazine, AM – Architecture du Maroc, who introduced her to architectural writing, she ventured into specialized print media. Today, she collaborates with several publications, such as Chantiers du Maroc, Maisons du Maroc, and Shoelifer. Alongside her journalistic activities, Sarah Zaïd also teaches visual arts and loves to explore the world through her frequent and faraway travels.
Born in Casablanca to a French family settled in Morocco for several generations, Amanda Chapon, after studying history, turned to the print media industry. Alternating between positions as a writer and editorial assistant, driven by both passion and necessity, she masters the art of paradoxes, such as perfectionism and procrastination, tenacity and reasonableness. Amanda witnessed the birth of Shoelifer and helped it grow through her dedication to accuracy in information and writing, both in form and substance. Curiosity is one of her essential qualities, allowing her to understand the world around her, decipher it, and ultimately explain it.
It was within the very heart of Parisian design studios that Widad Anoua began her career, after obtaining a degree in fashion design from Esmod Paris. Back in Morocco after this first experience, she turned to fashion journalism and fashion design. In Casablanca, she collaborated with various magazines, such as L’Officiel Maroc, Illi Magazine, Femmes du Maroc, as well as luxury brands, who she helped with developing their image. Passionate about creation and fashion, she realized her dream in 2019 with the launch of her own eco-responsible unisex ready-to-wear brand, WA_thebrand, before launching Atelier Coupé Cousu, through which she produces collections for numerous Moroccan creators and institutional players in the hospitality sector.
A law degree opens many doors, as long as you leave it behind. Freshly graduated from Paris-Assas and EFAP Com, combining courses and internships at Marie Claire Paris and the New York Institute of Technology, where she worked for Whitewall Magazine and Elle U.S., Mounia Arraki returned to Morocco in 2011 to join the team at L’Officiel Maroc as head of fashion and jewelry. Since then, she has flown solo, founding Office29, an image consulting company, where she advises shops and designers on their purchases or collection development.
A fashion enthusiast since forever, Sofia Habib graduated in communication and public relations from ESG Paris. Returning to Morocco in 2014, she launched the accessories brand, Sista-Sata, and then studied fashion design at LaSalle College in Casablanca. Two years later, she joined the Shoelifer team as a project manager, where she contributed to the development of editorial projects and event planning. Now she has returned to her first loves: fashion and photo styling. Sofia is also a fashion and lifestyle influencer.
With a diploma in journalism and a master’s degree from ESJ Paris, Charlotte Cortes began her career between France and Morocco, exploring various media, such as news dailies, radio, and television post-production. Her thirst for knowledge led her to collaborate with different editorial teams, including Metro and Atlantic Radio. In 2015, she settled in Casablanca and shifted towards lifestyle media, joining Madame Maroc’s lifeguide, where she would later become the editor-in-chief before joining the Shoelifer team. She is now an independent journalist.
A founding member of the Shoelifer team, Lamia Lahbabi is one of Morocco’s most talented photographers. Born in Casablanca, with degrees in fine arts and photography from the University of La Sorbonne, Paris, Lamia Lahbabi highlights a very “feminine” universe in her work, placing great emphasis on color, gestures, and staging. Her photos and canvases – she is also a painter – are imbued with this unique sensibility, and her keen eye can also breathe life into editorial or commercial projects.
When she’s not spending her time exploring the streets of Paris in search of hidden gems, thrift shopping to fuel her passion for decoration, or discussing philosophical subjects with her friends, Alixanne Chapon channels her emotions through writing. She started writing over 10 years ago, in Morocco, the country of her birth, and in France, where she collaborates with various publications such as So Chic, Capital, Management, 7X7.press, and more. Passionate about decoration, she enhanced her expertise with a training in interior architecture and subsequently launched her own brand of decorative objects and fashion, Ana.K, inspired by Morocco and its palm trees. She is also still devoted to her first love: writing.
Did someone say “geek”? Initially trained in industrial automation and instrumentation, Hamza Zogarh’s interest in new technologies led him to pursue further studies in digital and multimedia technology. As a web developer at Shoelifer from the very beginning, he contributed to three major overhauls of the site. His role has since evolved to encompass various essential responsibilities, including the website’s full management, technical maintenance, security, performance optimization, data analysis, and update management. In summary: a true expert in design, programming, and deployment.


Fashion and luxury professionals, the Shoelifer team is made up of journalists, designers, photographers, and seasoned veterans in the realms of style and creativity. They have been part of the genesis of this site and collaborate daily, infusing it with freshness and constructive criticism to shape its character. We are proud to introduce the Shoelifer family.