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For eight decades now, L’Oréal Morocco has been accompanying us in our daily beauty routines. From skincare to haircare, makeup, and fragrance, for adults and children alike, the group has truly revolutionized the cosmetics sector since its establishment in 1943. This anniversary, celebrated with much fanfare,  has allowed L’Oréal Morocco to reflect on its commitment to inclusion, innovation, and sustainability. Shoelifer tells you all about it.


It was this Thursday, May 16th, at the Villa des Arts in Casablanca, that L’Oréal Morocco invited its partners, friends, and collaborators to celebrate its 80th year  in Morocco. An elegant ceremony, rich in immersive and technological discoveries, aimed to highlight the group’s strong grounding in the development of the cosmetics industry and its impact on the Moroccan ecosystem.

Since its arrival in 1943, L’Oréal has continuously transformed the beauty sector. Today, as a leader in the market with its portfolio of 18 international brands, the group is driven by a clear mission: “Create beauty that moves the world forward.” To achieve this, several commitments have been made, aiming notably to address climate challenges, preserve natural resources, and build a more inclusive society. It remains a pioneering and historic group, resolutely focused on the future. But first, a bit of history!

From a kitchen to a global leader in cosmetics

Let’s start at the beginning. It was in 1909 that Eugène Schueller, a young chemist and entrepreneur at heart, developed in his kitchen-turned-laboratory the first formula for a harmless hair dye, called Oréal. Little did he know that by creating the French Society of Harmless Hair Dyes, he was laying the foundation for the future number one beauty company and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. A few years later, the company diversified its offerings and in 1934 launched Ambre Solaire, the first filtering sun oil on the market, whose fragrance remains timeless even today.

In 1939, Eugène Schueller’s company changed its name to L’Oréal. Already present in various European countries, the company aimed to continue its international expansion and chose Morocco to establish its first subsidiary outside of Europe. It introduced its products in the territory under the name UFCI (French Union for Commerce and Industry) in 1943, starting with its flagship brand DOP. This marked the launch of the first soap-free shampoo sold on a large scale.

The adventure continued with the launch of several iconic products, such as the cold permanent wave Oréol, Garnier’s marrow shampoo, and the legendary Elnett hairspray. The group entered the luxury sector in 1964 by acquiring Lancôme. That same year, the hair care brand Kérastase was born. In 1971, L’Oréal’s iconic slogan became a symbol of self-affirmation with the famous phrase “Because you’re worth it.”

Always eclectic,  the group continued to expand into various territories: in addition to hair care, it developed perfumes (including the iconic perfume for young girls, Anaïs de Cacharel, in 1978), skincare (such as L’Oréal’s Liposomes Plénitude day cream in 1988), as well as makeup (with the acquisition of Gemey Maybelline in 1998). These products gradually entered the Moroccan market. To name a few: Vichy and Mixa Baby toiletry milk in the 1980s, La Roche-Posay and Majirel hair coloring in the 1990s, and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty in the 2010s.

Today, there are a total of 18 international brands on the market, catering to babies, children, women, and men alike, making L’Oréal  Morocco the leader across the entire cosmetics sector. We all have at least one product from the group in our bathrooms.


 A socially engaged company… 

But beyond products, L’Oréal Morocco is also committed to beauty, innovation, and sustainability. The initiatives of the Moroccan subsidiary align with the group’s commitments through the “L’Oréal for the Future” program. The goals: economic and social integration, minimization of environmental impact, promotion of diversity, and inclusion. Remember, we’ve already talked about the Collective Gardens of Ourika, YSL Beauté’s eco-responsible project that showcases local craftsmanship and empowers women through the creation of cooperatives. The commitment to women’s financial and social independence continues through training programs in hairdressing, co-created in partnership with OFPPT.

Youth is also at the heart of the group’s priorities. Through the global program “L’Oréal For Youth,” concrete actions are taken to improve the employability of young people by providing them with certified training and career opportunities.

Sometimes, these initiatives are led by the brands themselves. We can think of L’Oréal Paris, which is committed to combating street harassment through its StandUp program, La Roche-Posay, whose “Engaged by Your Side” program focuses on supporting people with cancer and treating side effects. Also, the “Care For All” initiative led by CeraVe, aimed at improving access to dermatological care for disadvantaged communities and in hard-to-reach areas, etc.

… and looking towards the future

Since 2021, the group has chosen a powerful slogan: “Creating beauty that moves the world forward.” This phrase  represents L’Oréal’s advancements in the field of beauty tech. As a pioneer in new technologies related to beauty, the group has developed various intelligent devices, online platforms, and digital services to meet ultra-personalized needs. Among them, K-Scan by Kérastase, an intelligent camera for hair and scalp. Powered by AI, it allows hairdressers to better understand clients’ needs to provide more precise care. Vichy’s SkinConsult AI is a diagnostic tool developed with dermatologists, allowing for personalized skincare routines using AI. And there’s Rouge sur mesure by Yves Saint Laurent, the first personalized lipstick creation tool.

This emblematic anniversary also marked the announcement of L’Oréal Morocco’s relocation to the Casablanca Finance City business district after 75 years at its historic headquarters. These new environmentally friendly premises offer a modern setting in perfect harmony with L’Oréal’s values of excellence and innovation. They are located in a HQE Gold-certified building powered exclusively by renewable energy sources. This is yet another step that once again demonstrates the importance of innovation, inclusion, and sustainable development for L’Oréal Morocco.

 Picture (c) : Arret sur Image

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