After the craze for solid hygiene products, the trend is powder cosmetics. Face cleansers, exfoliants, shampoos, and even shower gels – Powder formulas are slowly making their way into our bathrooms. What are their benefits, how to use them, and which products should you try? Let’s take a look.

We’re not telling you anything new; clean beauty is the trend of the moment. The formulas of our beauty products are becoming increasingly natural and minimalist. The forms are also changing and adapting. Of course we are already familiar with solid skincare products, usually in the form of soap bars, which have been a staple in our beauty routines for a few years now. This evolution makes sense, considering that solid cosmetics are eco-friendly and address current environmental concerns. But now, a new medium is emerging: powder cosmetics. We’re talking about shower gel, shampoo, face cleanser, deodorant, and even toothpaste, all delivered in powder form. Proof of its popularity is that all major brands are getting on board: Dior, Chanel, Sephora, Clinique… See for yourself !

Magic powder or just hype ?

The main advantage of powder cosmetics is that they don’t contain water. Bacteria cannot thrive in them, making the addition of preservatives unnecessary. Powder cosmetics can, therefore, boast cleaner formulas. They are also more effective as they are highly concentrated with active ingredients. These beauty products are lighter and more convenient to carry, even in your carry-on luggage where liquids are prohibited.

Powder cosmetics also stand out for their playful aspect. At a time when consumers are rediscovering the joy of homemade recipes, this sense of DIY is appealing. To use a powder product, you need to mix it with purified water. This way, you avoid wastage while adjusting the consistency according to your preferences. Products in powder form also have a longer shelf life, and their containers are endlessly refillable. Totally with the times!

More and more brands are already offering effective products. Among the most well-known are French natural beauty brands like Yodi, Yanne Wellness, and Perlucine. As for luxury brands, Dior and Chanel have recently ventured into powder cosmetics, along with more mainstream brands like Mario Badescu, Sephora, Clinique, Klorane… We’ll introduce you to the products that, in our opinion, deserve a place in your beauty routine.

Ultra-Fine Exfoliating Powder, Hydra Life – Dior

Composed of sugar extract and lotus seeds, this exfoliating powder promises deep and precise action to reveal the skin’s natural radiance. With regular use, the skin’s texture is refined and smoothed, and the appearance of pores is reduced. The complexion becomes clearer and glowing. The advantage of its powder formula is that it can be used in various ways. When dry, it allows for deep exfoliation in areas prone to blackheads. For daily use, it can be used as a cleanser by wetting it with water. Upon contact, the powder transforms into a fine and pleasant foam.

Price: 502 DH per 40g bottle. Available in selective perfumeries and on shop-beauty.dior.ma

Chanel No. 1 Cleansing Foam Powder

Remember, at the launch in early 2022, we introduced you to Chanel’s eco-friendly No. 1 line, holistic products designed to combat the first signs of aging that won us over. Among our favorite products is the cleansing foam powder. Enriched with extract and oil of red camellia (the main ingredient of the line), this daily care deeply purifies the skin, leaving it clear, soft, and radiant. Importantly, it does not dry out the skin thanks to a formula containing 93% natural ingredients.

Price: Approximately 560 DH for a 25g bottle. Available in selective perfumeries.

Fragranced Shower Powder, Perlucine

The French brand Perlucine has chosen to work with white oyster shell powder. Remineralizing, exfoliating, and mattifying, it indeed possesses many virtues. If the brand has made powder cosmetics its specialty (shampoo, deodorant, and even toothpaste), we recommend starting with the shower powder. Enriched with a pre/probiotic complex, it helps maintain skin balance while reinforcing the epidermal barrier. Another advantage: the container is refillable.

Price: Approximately 170 DH for a 35g bottle. 100g refill in kraft paper for approximately 240 DH. Available on perlucine.fr

Revitalizing Powder Mask, Yanne Wellness

Among the best-sellers of the brand, this face mask is enriched with an algae and vegetable oil complex. It deeply hydrates the skin and protects it from aging. Upon contact with water, its powder transforms into an ultra-fresh blue gel, very pleasant to apply.

Price: Approximately 500 DH for a box of 10 sachets. Available on yannewellness.com

Silver Powder, Mario Badescu

This is a product for oily skin prone to excess sebum and blackheads. Its secret? A powerful cocktail of natural minerals such as kaolin, calcium carbonate, and zinc oxide, which helps purify pores. The result is clear, fresh, and matte skin. To enjoy all its benefits, moisten a cotton ball with the powder to create a paste. Then, gently pat it on the T-zone, leave it on for about ten minutes, and then cleanse with a toner. Use 1 to 2 times a week.

Price: Approximately 200 DH for a 29ml pot. Available on sephora.fr

The Greeench Deodorant Powder, Lush

You may be familiar with Lush bath bombs. The British brand also offers many natural products, such as The Greeench deodorant. Made from tea tree and thyme essential oils, sage, rosemary, and clubmoss powder, it absorbs sweat, eliminates odors, and keeps the skin dry. It can even be used on the feet or in shoes !

Price: Approximately 160 DH for a 75g bottle. Available on lush.com

Respect Powder Shampoo, David Lucas

Made from exclusively natural active ingredients, the Respect powder shampoo consists of only 7 ingredients. It contains clay, a plant-based cleansing base, and micronized oyster shell powder. Designed for sensitive scalps and fine hair lacking in volume, it promises shine and softness while lifting the roots. Unlike some solid cosmetics, this powder shampoo produces a rich lather when in contact with water and rinses off easily. Moreover, its all-natural formula (which scores 100/100 on Yuka) allows for daily use.

Price: Approximately 400 DH for a 50g bottle. Available on davidlucas.paris

Powder Toothpaste, Aloya

Moroccan brands are also venturing into powder cosmetics. Aloya, for example, offers a purifying and refreshing toothpaste that contains no chemical ingredients. It includes clay, licorice powder, activated charcoal, Amal powder, and peppermint essential oil. Only a small amount of powder is needed, so it’s not only eco-friendly but also economical.

Price: 55 DH for a 50g jar. Available on aloya.ma

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