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Looking for an original gift for that couple of friends who are getting married? Shoelifer has selected five cutting-edge high-tech gadgets to give (or receive if you’re the lucky ones) on the big day.

You’re well aware that the past few months (and years) have been marked by major technological advancements. Just look at the rapid development of AI to realize how quickly our lifestyles are evolving. As a logical consequence, young couples getting married are more enamored with high-tech gadgets than fine china. Feeling a bit overwhelmed as the ceremony approaches and not sure what to give them? After decoding the trend of original weddings abroad, the editorial team has delved into the realm of unique gifts. Whether practical or slightly offbeat, here are five connected gadgets that should inspire you.

1/ The Connected Cooler Lamp

What we love at Shoelifer is when design and technology come together to offer innovative solutions that simplify our lives. Like this ultra-elegant cooler lamp, available in various sizes. The idea? To provide both illumination – of course – and a cool place for the bottle we’ve taken out for the aperitif. The magic of a two-in-one! Not seeing the point really? Believe us, you’ll quickly become addicted.

Price: starting from 1500 MAD


2/ The Portable Video Projector

Being able to watch your favorite movies wherever and whenever you want? This isn’t exactly a new concept, you might say… However, thanks to the new Samsung projector, aptly named The Freestyle, this possibility takes on a whole new meaning. Why? Because this original gift, beautifully named The Freestyle, adapts to any surface (thanks to its 180-degree orientation), whether indoors or outdoors. What’s even better: the image adjusts automatically and the sound spreads in 360 degrees. Perfect for an impromptu open-air cinema session between newlyweds.

Price: around 10,000 MAD

3/ The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Once the nuptials are celebrated and the magic of the moment subsides, the time will come for the young spouses to settle in. And to divide up household chores… You can already see the headache coming, can’t you? Why not opt for a connected vacuum cleaner as a wedding present? But not just any vacuum cleaner! With Rowenta’s X-Plorer range, artificial intelligence is put to work for your indoor comfort. Equipped with a suction system as well as multiple rotating brushes and moistened wipes, the robot offers precise cleaning of your various surfaces. All of this is done silently and with integrated obstacle detection. So yes, it might not be the sexiest original gift, but keep in mind that you might save a marriage with it!

Price: around 8,500 MAD

4/ The Connected Scale

For sporty couples (and others), we opt for the intelligent scale. Those developed by the brand Withings are undoubtedly the best on the market (as of the time you’re reading this). Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these connected health stations allow users to have an ultra-precise analysis of their body composition. Fat vs. muscle mass, ECG, nervous health score… these are all indicators that can be tracked daily and directly on our smartphones via an app. The best part? The different modes (athlete, pregnancy, baby…) that adapt to all family members.

Price: between 1000 and 4000 MAD


5/ Turntables with Integrated Speakers

And for music enthusiasts? We opt for a technological gem, namely the LX Turntable. Developed by the French label La Boîte concept, this orchestral speaker also takes the form of a beautiful piece of furniture (a top placed on two trestle-style legs) that should brighten up the homes of the newlyweds. Merging speakers and a vinyl turntable, it’s a true delight for the ears and the eyes. With five speakers, its sound power reaches 315 watts! And when it comes to design, we’re torn between the oak or walnut finish, but that’s for you to decide.

LX Platine La boite concept
Price: around 38,000 MAD

cadeau original

Photo (c) : Elle

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