The wet look, or ‘wet effect,’ has been making waves on runways and red carpets for several seasons now. Whether you want to channel your inner mermaid after a beach outing or sport the look for a night out, we’re here to help you find inspiration with these 3 super easy hairstyles.

From slicked-back and gelled hair to side-swept locks, the wet look continues to be a favorite among celebrities. It’s the ideal choice for summer due to its practical yet sexy appeal. Say goodbye to the simple ponytail – this year, it’s all about embracing creativity. And trust us, achieving the wet look is easier than you might think. Plus, it works for all hair types and lengths. Well, isn’t that convenient ?

The Sleek and Twisted Bun

A foolproof favorite: the bun. Whether it’s a high and loose bun for a romantic vibe or accessorized with a scarf for a bohemian touch, this summer of 2023 is all about the sleek bun. Many celebrities, including Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner, have been flaunting this style. We’re loving the sophisticated wet look of this sleek bun, which is surprisingly easy to achieve. The charm of this twisted bun? Once your hair is dry, you can let it down for a wavy finish.

How to do it : 

Detangle your hair. Gather your hair at the back of your head and create a ponytail. Decide on the height that suits you for the final bun – it should be low enough to not hinder your movement. Twist your locks and wrap them around the base of the ponytail, securing them with hairpins. For an even more elegant look, create a middle or side part. For an evening look, simply add a touch of gel to maintain the smooth and wet effect.

Glamorous Wavy Hair

wet look

Show off your beach waves, naturally crafted by sea salt, by leaving your hair down. However, to prevent the evening breeze from ruining your efforts and tempting you to grab the first hair tie you find, try this wet look-inspired twist.

How to do it :

On towel-dried hair, create a side part. Then, smooth the front section of hair across your forehead, shaping it into a wave. For this step, you’ll need gel or mousse. Take a generous amount and apply it evenly, making sure your hair is saturated. Opt for a product specifically designed for the wet look, as traditional gel can leave a less glamorous stiff texture. Don’t hesitate to apply more until you achieve the desired effect. Also, mist your locks with a sea salt spray to enhance the beach waves. In the evening, you can refresh the wet effect by adding a bit of spring water spray.

Wet Look for Short Hair

wet look

We particularly love the rock & glam effect of the wet look on short haircuts – perfect for a chic evening.

How to do it :

Squeeze out excess moisture from your hair and detangle. Use a comb and a bit of gel or wax to slick back your hair. For a more polished look, create a side part or accessorize with hair clips. Finally, set the style with natural-finish hairspray. For a controlled finish without stiffness, we recommend spraying the hairspray onto your hands and then applying it with your fingers.

And Don’t Forget… Accessories !

Whether your hair is wet or dry, if there’s one trend that’s carrying over into the summer 2023, it’s hair accessories. Headbands, claw clips, scarves, or silk scrunchies – the vintage vibe is back. Elevate your ponytail by tying a scarf around it. Add a headband to structure your wavy hair. Or, break up your jeans and white T-shirt look with an oversized scrunchie… In short, hair accessories are the key to adding a touch of sophistication to your vacation looks.

Photo (c) : Harpers Bazaar

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