What fragrance should you wear for autumn 2023? Can’t decide? Whether you prefer woody, musky, or more floral notes, you won’t be able to overlook oud, also known as “black gold”! Here are 10 new creations for both women and men among which you will surely find your perfect scent.

Autumn 2023 Fragrance for Her

The most distinctive: Oud Yuzu, Aqua Allegoria Forte – Guerlain

This fall, Guerlain unveils three intensely woody creations, perfect for autumn. At the editorial office, we have a slight preference for Oud Yuzu, a mix of rather unexpected scents. The zesty Japanese citrus offers a lively, joyful, and radiant start. Then, alongside the dry and enveloping notes of cedar, come the simultaneously woody, ambery, and animal nuances of oud wood. A bold composition, powerful, and surprisingly light.

Price: 1864 MAD for a 125ml bottle.
Available at select perfumeries.

The most floral: J’adore L’Or – Dior

For this new reinterpretation, Francis Kurkdjian, the director of Dior’s perfume creations, aimed to enhance the beauty of J’adore’s flowers by amplifying their nuances. The result is a perfume essence rich in colors, where the notes of absolutes of orange blossom, jasmine grandiflorum, and centifolia rose are very powerful. This creates an autumn 2023 fragrance that is both feminine and sensual. The novelty doesn’t stop there, as J’adore’s iconic collar embracing the neck of the bottle is adorned with tempered metal.

Price: 1878 MAD for a 50ml bottle.
Available at selective perfumeries.

The most intense: Libre L’Absolu Platine – YSL Beauté

Libre’s signature: its floral lavender. This time, it is more concentrated than ever in this perfume. Libre L’Absolu Platine is crafted like a high-end perfume. The sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom and the audacity of French lavender combine here with a new exclusive white lavender blend, bright and metallic. An intense, ultra-sensual scent that emphasizes its hot-cold contrast. The jewel-like bottle also gets a makeover with a silver hue, highlighting the extravagance of the golden Cassandre.

Price: 1890 MAD for a 90ml bottle.
Available at selective perfumeries.

The most spicy: Café Rose – Tom Ford

The name may sound familiar, yet it is indeed a new creation from Tom Ford: Café Rose. This autumn 2023 perfume combines elegant rose with an unexpected touch of black coffee, the two top notes that offer depth and sensuality to the fragrance. Then, the Bulgarian rose and Comorian ylang-ylang bring a very floral aspect to the composition. Finally, spicy coriander, patchouli, and cardamom reveal all their intensity on a backdrop of a blend of incense resin and sandalwood. So spicy!

Price: Approximately 2200 MAD for a 100ml bottle.
Available on

The most chypre: Sì, Eau de Parfum Intense – Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Sì line becomes even more intense with this chypre and amber fragrance. The enveloping signature of blackcurrant nectar blends with the feminine notes of an absolute of Damascus rose and the velvety essential oil of davana. The latter belongs to the same family as wormwood, absinthe, and tarragon. The blend is sublimated by an infusion of ultra-sensual Madagascar bourbon vanilla and a hint of aromatic black tea. In line with the times, this autumn 2023 perfume is made from plant-based alcohol and composed of responsibly sourced ingredients. Its bottle is also refillable and recyclable.

Price: 1570 MAD for a 100ml bottle.
Available at selective perfumeries.

Unisex Fragrances

The most concentrated: Cuir Sensuel – The Merchant of Venice

Here is an exclusive autumn 2023 fragrance that has just arrived at Esthécare. It was launched by The Merchant of Venice, an Italian niche perfume house. The “Flames” collection adds 3 new products that reinterpret oud. The result is modern, highly concentrated fragrances with a long-lasting fragrance trail. For this season, we recommend Cuir Sensuel, a unisex perfume with character. In the top notes, black pepper and saffron combine with raspberry and lemon for an invigorating and spicy entrance. The heart then reveals itself to be  more oriental with the arrival of jasmine, leather, and incense. Finally, it merges into a woody blend composed of cedar, oud, and vetiver. Extremely sensual!

Price: 2600 MAD for a 30ml bottle.
Available at Esthécare.

The most surprising: Myriad – Louis Vuitton

At the beginning of autumn, the Louis Vuitton Extraits collection added a sixth creation: Myriad. Known for thoroughly exploring all facets of an olfactory family, the line delves into woody scents, particularly oud. Its spicy and musky aspects blend with the freshness and velvety touch of a duo of roses. Black gold then extends its leathery accents alongside white musks and the piquant notes of saffron. Surprising. Consider yourselves warned!

Price: Approximately 6000 MAD for a 100ml bottle.
Available on

The most musky: L’Eau Papier – Diptyque

When you hear Diptyque, you probably think of candles. But this perfumer is also known for its fragrances. This is evident with its latest creation, L’Eau Papier. This eau de toilette immerses us in the heart of white musks, whose multiple facets are illuminated by a note of mimosa, before melting into the softness of a blend of ash and the subtle scent of steamed rice. The result is a very sensual scent that suits both men and women, giving the feeling of being enveloped in a vaporous cocoon. A most pleasant sensation to help you face the cool autumn days.

Price: Approximately 1600 MAD for a 100ml bottle.
Available on

Autumn 2023 Fragrance for Him

The most charismatic: Pasha Noir Absolu – Cartier

If you’re looking for an unexpected and mysterious scent that cannot be ignored, and a Pasha Noir Absolu is for you. This new creation indeed contains a powerful and addictive signature, built around a blend of burnt wood and caramelized sugar. Its ultra-black bottle, very elegant, is also environmentally friendly. It is made of 12% recycled glass and is refillable.

Price: 1541 MAD for a 100ml bottle.
Available at selective perfumeries.

The most daring: Explorer Platinum – Montblanc

Montblanc’s latest product has set out to take us to the heart of the Italian mountains to capture the thrill and beauty of a journey to the peaks. To achieve this, Explorer Platinum opens with the sparkling and vibrant green notes of violet leaves and clary sage essence. The blend is then exalted by an airy note with crystalline freshness, reminiscent of snow and ice. Finally, the ensemble is enveloped in an intense and elegant cedarwood. Its bottle is in line with its story, inspired by the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere signature watch, paying homage to the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge.

Price: 814 MAD for a 60ml bottle.

Photo (c) : Deviant Art

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