A gym in Morocco that’s worth signing up for? Well, there isn’t just one, but three, and all with an innovative concept. Yoga, Pilates, Rhythm Cycling, and even Skillathletic, even staying in shape can be trendy . Come on! Stop making excuses !

New Year’s resolutions are good, but actions are better. Action #1: go from being a Sunday athlete (remember all those forgotten annual subscriptions after the third session?) to becoming a regular member. And this leads to… Action #2: finding an activity that builds muscles (of course) while also being enjoyable. In a group, with family, or alone but coached, it’s up to you to align your schedule with your preferences. The only rule: whatever you choose, try it out before committing.

The trendiest: FlowCycle

You can’t have missed the worldwide indoor cycling phenomenon. Opened in May, the Casablanca-based studio FlowCycle continues to gain followers. “Here, we pedal to the rhythm of the music. There’s a whole structure to follow with BPM (beats per minute) that can be specific to each song so that we feel like we are dancing on the bike,” explains Alya Benjelloun Touimi, one of the co-founders of FlowCycle.

It’s nothing like spinning, which is often mistaken for it. In concrete terms, FlowCycle is a room with 33 bikes in the dark and 5 coaches trained by Master Coach Sliman of Dynamo Paris, each offering a unique style (Latino, Afro-rap, RnB…). Rhythm cycling is a complete sport. By combining cardio and strength training, you alternate between push-ups, sit-ups, and dumbbells for 45 minutes, burning the maximum amount of calories possible. “We have fun, sing, shout. There’s incredible collective energy and synergy. We really feel like we’re in a nightclub,” explains Alya.

As for equipment, simple sportswear is enough; the rest is provided: specially adapted shoes, towels, and beauty products from Avril, a French organic cosmetics brand.

To get started, you just need to purchase credits via the FlowCycle website. Each credit corresponds to one session. Then, you can book your session through the app. Still have doubts? Rest assured, rhythm cycling is for everyone. The important thing is to go at your own pace and have fun.


FlowCycle, 28 rue Ahmed Charci Rdc A, Luxoria, Casablanca.
Tél.: 06 36 06 06 09.
Open every day from 10 am to 9 pm.
More information on

The most connected: The Club by Esthécare

Known for offering the best in beauty and wellness, Esthécare opens its brand-new gym in Morocco: The Club. Located in Rabat, within the Dar Es Salam golf course, this 1200 m2 space with high-tech equipment has opened its doors. “The Club’s goal is to offer a highly customized approach with personalized coaching. For this purpose, everything is ultra-connected, meaning the machines recognize customers,” explains Najat Lecheheb, co-founder of The Club.

It all starts with an interview to define each person’s goals and develop a personalized program. The selection is vast: yoga, Pilates Reformer, spinning, as well as Skillathletic for total athletic development combining endurance, agility, power, speed, and weightlifting, and even Teambeats™️, heart rate-guided training. All classes are offered in small groups to ensure close monitoring.

Sports coaching extends to wellness in the Esthécare Spa, located below the gym. “The idea is to create synergy between the two areas for complete fitness. For example, for someone with a fitness goal, we can recommend cryotherapy, manual massages, or even osteopathy sessions since the center has a sports doctor and an osteopath. This team will be managed by Ismael Mrani Alaoui,” explains Najat.

The usual Esthécare spa protocols are also available, with products from Biologique Recherche, Barbara Sturm, Augustinus Bader, marocMaroc, and La Mer, now available in Morocco again. Well-being continues even in the dining area as the center has a small bar-restaurant offering various (healthy) dishes. In short, The Club offers a complete experience. In other words, it’s the ultimate in what can be found on the market today.

The Club by Esthécare, Royal Golf Dar Es Salam, Avenue Mohamed VI, Rabat. More information on their Instagram page.

The most family-friendly: Dao Studio

Yoga enthusiasts will find their bliss at Dao Studio. This new gym in Morocco will open its doors in mid-October in the heart of the Onzac residence, located just in front of the Sindibad Park in Casablanca. Behind this project is Camélia Sekkat, a young mother passionate about yoga who was tired of paying for multiple subscriptions to vary her activities. She has consolidated everything under one roof: yoga, Pilates, and fitness.

« Each coach will have their specialty. Six coaches, including myself, will lead yoga classes. There will be Vinyasa, Bikram, aerial yoga, wall yoga, Hatha, meditation, Yin yoga, and more, etc », Camélia explains. A seventh teacher will handle the fitness part, while the last one will take care of the children. That’s also the advantage of Dao Studio. Two to three times a week, mom/child classes and kids’ classes will be held, featuring yoga and gymnastics.

After your session, you can enjoy the terrace and the cafe to have a juice or even work while waiting for the next class. Finally, a small shop will allow you to leave with a new yoga mat, a candle, minerals, and discover various local brands, both culinary and cosmetics.

Dao Studio, Résidence d’Onzac, allée du golf Arabique, Casablanca. The center is located inside the residence, in the garden on the ground floor (in a commercial space). More information on their Instagram page.

Photo (c) : SCMP Magazine

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