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Moroccan brands are all the rage!  Creativity, artisanal craftsmanship, and eco-responsible practices are the three constants of these labels that proudly showcase the country’s colors. Shoelifer has discovered five brands, all launched by women who have changed  careers and are contributing to the emergence of Moroccan design, fashion, and industry.

Zellige, brassware, pottery, wickerwork, and more When Moroccan craftsmanship is reinterpreted by designers, it shines even brighter. Most new Moroccan brands rely on these ancestral skills, infusing them with a touch of modernity, an eco-responsible ethic, and that hint of universal design that makes them beautiful creations. Here are our current favorites.

Basketry for Women’s Empowerment

Founded in Marrakech by Nawal Rmili, YZA has transformed the basket into a chic, practical, and ethical handbag. Nawal, who began her career as a stylist at Vogue, Marie-Claire, and Grazia, was in search of a more equitable fashion. So, she decided to start her project in the outskirts of her native region. To achieve this, she collaborates with Berber women who continue their traditional  basketry: the doum palm. This art of patience has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

After the men harvest the palm leaves, they are gently dried in the sun and then braided by the women. For YZA, the artisans craft unique pieces that enrich the Vague collection and come in different colors and sizes. Each bag requires about 4 days of manual work. It then heads to the  leatherworking workshops where it is finished, always by hand, with premium quality leather.

In addition to being beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly, YZA bags embody profound values. Social justice and the advancement of women’s rights find true meaning in them. YZA is undoubtedly one of those Moroccan brands that we can only praise!  

YZA Handmade
66 rue Yougoslavie, Guéliz, Marrakech
Tel: 06 93 29 66 30

Ceramics to Rekindle the Flame

Dow, which means “light” in Arabic, is also the cute  name of a brand of ceramic candles made from 100% organic wax. Created by designer Hasna El Asri, Dow candles are much more than  decorative objects. Entirely made in Morocco, they are crafted with the assistance of a Moroccan chemical engineer and handcrafted by talented master ceramic artisans from Marrakech. With “Make a Wish” as their motto, the designer conceives her candles as symbols of hope, warmth, and spirituality.

Adorned with motifs inspired by nature and natural colors, they diffuse scents that evoke Morocco. Atlas cedar, orange blossom, sweet dates, and oud are among the natural fragrances available. The brand’s latest collection was unveiled at the end of last month. Take notet:  the new “Illuminescences” candles are available in limited edition.

Dow Candles
Tel: 06 63 04 78 80

Bolddie, the Sporty and Comfy Fashion

Kenza Adyel and Nasma Riah both have vastly different professional backgrounds but share a common passion for fashion and sports. One specializes in finance, while the other is a pro in organization and improving efficiency in business. After years of contemplation, the two young women decided to combine their skills and venture into entrepreneurship. With Bolddie, they targeted a niche previously underexplored by Moroccan brands: sportswear.

Kenza Adyel and Nasma Riah have designed a collection of clothing inspired by both sports and a comfortable lifestyle. The aesthetic shapes of the outfits are specialized for activities such as tennis, padel, yoga, or running, always with that special touch unique to Bolddie.

Entirely conceived and manufactured in Morocco, the brand can boast of contributing to development and innovation in the textile industry. Comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing, Bolddie’s creations bring the Moroccan touch that was eagerly awaited in the world of sportswear.

Tel: 06 63 61 69 39 / 06 61 42 73 24


Flowers, Passionately, Madly

“We must cultivate  our garden,” wrote Voltaire in Candide, or Optimism. And that’s precisely what Ghita Kettani did! After working as a consultant in the tech industry, she stopped everything and trained in floral art in England—her true passion. Once ready, she launched her studio, which she named Renaissance, echoing her new life path. As she prepares to open her boutique in the heart of Casablanca’s golden triangle, she already has several impressive projects under her belt.

Renaissance offers floral decoration for all types of events, both professional and personal. Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, or corporate events, the florist knows how to add a touch of character to every project! In partnership with L’Atelier des Arômes, which we’ve already mentioned here, Ghita Kettani also organizes workshops for individuals. It’s ideal for team-building!  Whether it’s a bouquet to offer or a more sophisticated design, we turn to Renaissance.

Renaissance Studio Fleurs
Tel: 06 60 10 70 26

Syd Denim, to see life in blue… jeans!

Behind Syd Denim lies the story of a woman and her career change. After working as a manager in banking finance for nearly 10 years, Fedwa Moukhliss decided to change course. She left her career in France to return to Morocco and launch her own brand. Syd Denim was born, with a fierce determination to promote Made in Morocco. From fabric to manufacturing, buttons, labels, or accessories, Fedwa Moukhliss collaborates only with Moroccan companies and artisans. She also makes it a point to prioritize the work of women to offer them opportunities for social advancement.

Syd offers all-denim collections for women and men, ranging from classic jackets to trendy jumpsuits, and even handbags. Fedwa Moukhliss markets Syd in France, thus contributing to the international visibility of Moroccan brands.

Syd Denim
Rue Arsa, Racine, Casablanca – Showroom by appointment
Tel: 06 69 82 09 14

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