As soon as the sun peeked out, we got to work at the office: the summer 2024 swimsuit trends are here today! So, will you be more into the triangle with its Brazilian cut or the high-waisted two-piece? We’ve compiled our favorite swimsuits for basking on the country’s most beautiful beaches, taking into account all budgets. The motto: minimalism!

The summer 2024 swimsuit trends embrace diversity. While the one-piece is still a must, the two-piece comes in mini bikini style, bandeau, or timeless classic cuts with a return of the balconette. Fabrics range from technical to softer materials like smocking or crochet. As for prints, we find flowers, stripes, animal prints, vibrant shades, contrasting trims, and metallic buckle details here and there.

What stands out? Less fuss, a desire to return to the good old cuts, between retro and Brazilian bombshells of the 90s. A true feast for the eyes.

Less is more: the Scarlet Show by Eres

Sometimes, there’s no need to add more to make a big impact. With an warm hue (this season’s trend), ultra-feminine bustier, and classic cut of bottoms that subtly enhance, the brand, a master in the art of swimwear, delivers a flawless two-piece.

Available at Studio 14
Price: 4500 DH
Address: 44 rue Point du Jour, Casablanca

The most romantic: the Waverly by Zimmermann

The bandeau with the attachedflower: one of last summer’s most followed trends that hasn’t gone out of style. We love the retro yet modern cut of this two-piece with its deep and glossy color. A radical elegance that will have many fans.

Available at Studio 14
Price: approx. 6200 DH
Address: 44 rue Point du Jour, Casablanca

The most futuristic: Eau Swim

In its latest collection, the brand we closely follow draws inspiration from the 60s, projecting them into a robotic future. Dubbed “Space Age,” this standout exploration offers one-pieces with graphic cuts and laser-cut details. Among them, we particularly love this model with perfectly crafted geometric patterns. 

Price: approx. 1500 DH
Address: 26 rue Normandie, Casablanca

The most alluring: the Cancan by DnuD

Ruffles, a widely followed direction in the summer 2024 swimsuit trends, adorn this innocent yet  seductive two-piece. Available in white or ochre, we appreciate the gentle suggestiveness of a swimsuit with a cut as precise as it is flattering.

Cancan by DnuD
Price: approx. 2600 DH for the set.
Brand available at Le Tiroir

The Brazilian Cut: Oysho

Well, we had a feeling it was coming—the Brazilian cut is set to make waves this summer. At Oysho, we adore its modest yet stylish version, featuring stripes right in line with the season’s trends, on an ultimately sexy yet respectable cut.

Swimsuit trends summer 2024

Price: 259 DH for the bottom and 299 DH for the top.
Address: 5 rue Ibnou Zarara, Casablanca / Boulevard de Barritz, Morocco Mall, Casablanca.

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