My favorite city in the kingdom. The one that touches me the most.

Firstly, it’s beautiful — I love how t the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet there. But it’s not just that. Tangier itself is beautiful, intense, and unique.  It’s not pretty like a postcard. It’s much better, and there’s much more to it. In Tangier, there are the colors of the sky that inspired Matisse’s dreams, the wind that turns heads, those breathtaking views, the traces of everything that has been written about this city, and the ghosts that make it legendary. There are the fantasies, the romanticism, and the legends that Tangier has inspired. And above all, there is the reality that reifies it, making it  even more beautiful, alive, vibrant, and real.

What we love to do there:

Take your time. Don’t rush. Savor every moment. Time seems to slow down. You think you’re late. No, you might just be getting into the rhythm of the city, this city where chance still knows how to play tricks, where the unexpected can still surprise us.

In Tangier, we love to stroll through the alleys of the Kasbah, discover their charm, and visit the very pretty Museum of Mediterranean Cultures.

Go look at the sea and Spain from Bab Bhar, lmost dizzying because it’s so beautiful.

And then, continue  down to the medina, make a stop at Majid, the antique dealer, and discover a thousand and one treasures that the shop is full of

tangierFinish by the Grand Socco square and sit down for a coffee on the terrace of the Cinematheque and watch the show unfold in the city square,  where the heart of Tangier beats.


My must-sees :

Number One

Objectively the coolest bar in Tangier and, in my opinion, in the world. It has all l the soul of the city but no nostalgia. If you want to understand  why this city is so unique and indescribable, you have to go to Number One.

Address: 1 Ave Mohammed V, Tangier
Tel.: 05 39 34 20 01

Las Chicas

This  typically Tangier house has been turned into a concept store where you can find pretty clothes, great dishes, books, accessories, and cool gifts. There is a very pleasant terrace where you can have lunch or a snack. The small menu focuses on fresh and seasonal products.

Address: Q5QM+9QM, Place du Tabor, Tangier
Tel.: 05 39 37 45 10

New Tangier

I absolutely love this brand.  I love everything about it,  I love wearing New Tangier all the time, for great times of celebration,  and parties, but also – and especially – for everyday life. This brand is perfect for all occasions. . It offers a wardrobe that interprets Moroccan cultural heritage with intelligence and a lot of consciousness. Kenza Bennani, the designer at the helm of this company, has created a brand that expresses who she is:   deeply rooted and at the same time very inspired, yet resolutely contemporary.

Address: 6 rue Imam Soufiane Taouri, Tangier
Tel.: 06 15 83 69 82


A café as beautiful as it is well thought out, it offers aninventive menu with healthy accents.The wall boasts a very pretty mural signed by Fatine Arafati, who has captured the city with her poetry. There’s a small boutique corner, which reflects the vibe of the place, : delicate and full of meaning, where you can shop for very pretty pieces from designers.

Address: Place des Nations, 44 rue Antaki, Tangier
Tel.: 06 89 74 22 07

Casa Di Italia

This is a must.  You cannot go to Tangier without sitting down at Casa di Italia.

It’s one of those  must-visit places that you should not skip. Otherwise, you would miss out on what could be essential: all of Tangier crosses paths there, meets there, or rendezvous there at some point during the week.

I particularly love having dinner there on Sunday evenings, often in large, noisy groups — the happiest way to end the week and look forward to the next one.

Address: Palais Moulay Hfid, Tangier
Tel.: 05 39 93 63 48

Ana et Paolo

A trattoria just as we like them. Here, it’s generous, family-oriented, and delicious. It’s one  of those restaurants that also provides comfort and well-being. There is a kind gentleness in this place  —  and it’s jsut the food. 

Address: 77 avenue Prince Héritier, Tangier
Tel.: 05 39 94 46 17

Végétal Concept

On the outskirts of the Kasbah is the most elegant boutique  in the city: a flower shop, obviously! It’s fresh flowers, beautiful bouquets, and some very pretty vases create botanical poetry.  There is nothing better for delighting the senses, and above all, your own. 

Address: 67 rue de la Kasbah, Tangier
Tel.: 06 62 62 86 07


This is the spot for an amazing paella. It’s joyful and noisy, sharing both  great little plates and  good vibes. It’s a  tapas bar just as we like them:  both festive and gourmet.

Address: 186 boulevard Mohamed VI, Tangier
Tel.: 05 39 94 39 73

Where to Stay

Mimi Calpe

It has all the charm of a large, luxurious house but built in a lush garden. One feels happy and calm, isolated from the tumult, while still being in the heart of the city.

Mimi Calpe
Address: Villa Calpe, 71 rue de la Plage, Tangier
Tel.: 06 25 48 99 43
Price: starting from 1900 DH / night

Villa Mabrouka

This is one of  those exceptional places, one that connects to a myth. 

Former home of Yves Saint Laurent, Villa Mabrouka is now a hotel with 12 rooms scattered in an Eden-like garden overlooking the blues of the sky and the sea. It’s beautiful — very beautiful — and  no matter where you look, you’ll see nothing but beauty. 

Villa Mabrouka
Address: 1 Sidi Bouknadel, Tangier
Tel.: 06 66 60 48 42
Price: starting from 5400 DH / night

La Tangerina

This is theprettiest guest house in the Kasbah. The area  is beautiful and bright. The location is ideal and the rooms are full of charm. It offers perfect bedding and impeccable service. What more could you ask for?  Ideal for settling in and discovering Tangier! 

La Tangerina
Address: 19 rue Riad Sultan, Tangier
Tel.: 05 39 94 77 31
Price: starting from 750 DH / night


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