On June 21, 2022, the Casablanca waterfront came to life not only with the festivities organized for the Fête de la Musique (music festival) but also due to a highly anticipated culinary event: Umayya, the new Levantine cuisine restaurant, by Le Cabestan. Shoelifer took advantage of the occasion to celebrate our 6th anniversary (yes, already!) and tells you all about it.

Two birds with one stone: last Tuesday, Shoelifer and Umayya – the former oriental restaurant of the Cabestan Group – joined forces to organize a memorable evening where influencers, socialites, business personalities, and creators gathered at sunset. What were they celebrating? The launch of a brand new culinary concept in Casablanca, on the one hand, and the anniversary of your favorite magazine, on the other. A double occasion that brought together Casablanca’s elite in a very chic neo-brasserie with a sea view. Did you miss the event? We’ll recreate it for you through it in photos. Otherwise, food, decor, atmosphere… Our review will convince you to discover this new dining spot right away.

Une partie de la Team Shoelifer.

A Levantine gastronomy concept…

After several years of loyal service, the iconic oriental restaurant of the Cabestan Group – Umayya – bid farewell. Why? To come back even stronger! The establishment has been revamped and has just unveiled its brand new concept: cuisine that is both healthy and gourmet, inspired by Levantine street food. This is sure to appeal to foodies in the White City and beyond, looking for flavors from around the world and without sacrificing quantity for quality. Under the guidance of Chef Shahaf Shabtay – who has honed his skills in Paris, Dubai, New York, and Shanghai – you’ll discover a menu that brilliantly merges the tastes, colors, and textures of Levantine dishes (Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iran…). Choose from a variety of breads (challah, pita, khachapuri, sesame bagels…) to accompany a wide range of mezzes such as black bean hummus, roasted cauliflower and labneh, spinach safayech, or Jaffa-style carrot salad, to name a few. Then move on to dishes that highlight fresh ingredients from both land and sea (not to mention several vegetarian options): Iranian sea bass fillet, Indian-style crispy calamari, XXL chicken or beef pastrami burger… A subtle and flavorful cuisine that will appeal to both nostalgic diners longing for home and discerning gourmets.

Shoelifer umayya

…in a breathtaking setting…

But if you’re heading to Umayya by Le Cabestan, it’s also, of course, for its breathtaking view… of the ocean. And now you can dine there in an elegant Art Deco-inspired brasserie. Because a new culinary concept means a new atmosphere. Gone are the cozy ambiance, woodwork, and floral-patterned chairs that gave the restaurant a garden-like feel, making way for white marble, fluted stucco walls, light oak parquet flooring, black metal and resin furniture, and leather booths, all meticulously chosen and arranged by architect Sophia Sebti. A chic and timeless aesthetic, created by a blend of luxury and natural materials, for a bright space conducive to sensory escape.


…where you can groove from sunset to nightfall.

So it’s not just a culinary journey but also an auditory one: as the sun sets, the restaurant gradually comes to life with the musical programming curated by resident DJ Luca Serra, who comes to us straight from Café Del Mar in Ibiza. And because it’s our anniversary, and we also need to thank our readers, without whom we wouldn’t exist, here’s a sneak peek. It’s our thank-you gift !


Umayya by Le Cabestan,
94 Boulevard de la Corniche, Phare d’El Hank, Casablanca.
Phone: 05 22 32 06 41 


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