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Compact, easy to handle, and practical, city cars offer the additional advantage of moderate fuel consumption. The market is brimming with models as diverse in style as they are in features. To get a better idea of the options, , Shoelifer takes you aboard six new city cars in Morocco that have caught our attention.

 The city is their favorite playground. They are designed to feel at home on urban streets, to enable easy parking, and to spare you from frequent trips to the gas station. They are city cars. Recognizable by their compact dimensions (around 4 meters), they now sport fun looks and come in various levels of sophistication . A bit like in fashion, choosing your city car is choosing a style. So, let’s kick your road style into gear! 

The Charm of an Italian Beauty

The new Fiat 600 boasts numerous strengths. This icon, born in the 1950s, was redesigned last year. It was introduced to the city car market in Morocco in its new electric version in 2024, the Fiat 600 e. Its captivating look and smooth curves are reminiscent of its cousin, the Fiat 500 X. Inside, the emphasis is also on the voluptuousness of the comforting, wrap-around shape.  The cabin is cozy and comfortable, both in the front and rearOn the multimedia front, everything is in place, and navigation is made intuitive on a digital display. In terms of electric motorization, it delivers 156 horsepower, allowing this city car to feel equally at ease in urban areas as on the highway, when necessary. Finally, the Fiat 600 e makes color its main bragging point. It is available in a palette that pays homage to Italy. You can choose between the “Blue Sea of Italy,” the “Green Sky of Italy,” or the “Orange Sun of Italy.” And, of course, it’s also available in the classic red, black, and white!

Ciao Fiat Customer Service – 08 01 000 005
Fiat 600 e starting from 5900 DH/month or 488,900 DH

 The Elegance of a French Design

At DS, it’s all about the look! The design of these French cars stands out easily amidst the city traffic — the DS4 is no exception to this rule. It is both compact, muscular, and even a bit tough looking.. The elegance of its  signature lighting and bodywork is also reflected inside, where  high-end French craftsmanship welcomes you. 

In the most deluxe version, the marriage of forged carbon and brown ash for the execution of details, and the ultra-comfortable high-density seats in Basalt black leather ensure the luxurious character of the interior. You can configure your DS4 according to your tastes, needs, and budget. Decidedly  urban, its comfort and the quality of its equipment will nevertheless make it a car at ease anywhere. You just have to choose the most suitable version. 

DS Automobiles Store
82, bd Al Massira Al Khadra, Casablanca
Tel: 05 29 06 37 09
DS4 starting from 353,900 DH

The Reliability of a Japanese Gem

The Toyota Yaris needs no introduction. It’s one of the best-selling city cars worldwide (10 million units in 2023). In the Moroccan city car market, it holds an equally high position. Choosing a Toyota Yaris means first and foremost opting for the reliability of Japanese engineering. In its brand-new 2024 version, its engine is even more  powerful, now boasting 130 horsepower. Tailored to be agile and efficient in the city, it boasts  an expressive silhouette that exudes energy.

Packed with advanced technological features, in its hybrid version, it also comes with state-of-the-art driving assistance systems. Inside, the cabin is comfortable at the front and especially practical. And as a bonus, its price is also attractive. 

Toyota Maroc
196, bd Moulay Ismail, Roches Noires, Casablanca
Tel: 05 22 40 09 00
Toyota Yaris on promotion starting from 209,200 DH

The Charisma of the German Engineering 

Midway between city car and the compact, BMW’s 1 Series perfectly meets the expectations one might have while driving in town.  It commands attention with its contemporary design, sleek form, and imposing grille. We’re particularly drawn to the electric blue version. The interior of the 1 Series is in line with BMW standards: high-quality materials, sophisticated finishes, and generous interior layout. Leather, backlit decorative inserts, and a panoramic sunroof will allow you to fully enjoy BMW’s comfort.

In terms of equipment, the driver-oriented digital screens, driving assistance systems, and sport seats further enhance the BMW experience. Available in Advantage, Luxury, M Sport, or Sport versions, each model offers a unique vision of what city cars can offer in Morocco.

BMW – Smeia
Corner of Boulevard Moulay Slimane and Boulevard Tamiri Mohamed El Bakkai,
coastal road of Mohammedia, Casablanca
Tel: 05 22 40 07 00
1 Series – The One starting from 342,000 DH

The Subtlety of an English Gem

When it comes to city cars in Morocco, Minis are vehicles that charm both men and women alike. They possess that British charisma that has significantly contributed to making them mobile icons of city driving. In its revamped version for 2024, the Mini Hatch 3-door is offered in three versions, each pushing its performance a little further. A true Go-Kart that evokes the typical sensations of karting, it knows how to maneuver through the narrowest alleys as well as accelerate quickly — and with gusto. In the Mini One version, the 3-cylinder petrol engine boasts  102 horsepower. In Sport mode, it will impress you with its easy handling!

Inside, the Mini Hatch wins the customization game. You’ll have a whole range of possibilities to configure it to your liking. Colors and textures will blend with onboard technology according to your tastes. From the navigation assistance to the Harman Kardon sound system to the ambient lighting, the options are numerous. You can select between the  Classic, John Cooper Works, or Mini Yours Packs. Finally, thanks to its partially foldable rear seats, it reveals how super practical it is — , especially when buying furniture, for example!

Mini – Smeia 
Corner of Boulevard Tamiri Mohammed El Bakkai and Boulevard Moulay Slimane, coastal road of Mohammedia, Casablanca
Tel: 05 22 40 07 00
Mini Hatch 3-door version One Oxford starting from 263,000 DH

The Class of a Benz

After a subtle facelift, the Mercedes A-Class first catches the eye with its beautiful starred  grille — recognizable asset as it cruises through the city streets. But it’s inside where Mercedes brings the innovation. A brand-new 5-spoke leather steering wheel invites you to take control. With a multitude of shortcuts, it proves very practical when driving. The upholstery of the sports seats is in faux leather and Alcantara, and the ambient lighting can be customized to your heart’s content!

In terms of technology, the A-Class prioritizes safety to the fullest. Parking and driving assistance, adaptive dampers, and lights will assist you during your journeys. Available in 3 versions, Progressive, Distinctive, and AMG Line, all A-Class models unleash 150 horsepower under the hood. It’s more than enough to truly feel comfortable both in the city and on the open road.

Mercedes Benz – Autonejma 
Corner of Avenue Habib Sinaceur and Rue El Mehdi, Corniche, Casablanca
Tel: 08 01 020 020
A-Class starting from 434,000 DH

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