Do you want a wellness  break but not really into meditation and Tibetan singing bowls? There are plenty of other ways to release your emotions and pamper your nervous system. Aromatherapy, horticulture therapy, and more,  here are our top 4 workshops in Casablanca to try without delay.

We know that tactile activities  help to relax, reduce stress, and anxiety. With our urban lifestyles, we might not take enough time to touch, smell, and listen. Yet, there are a number of activities with comforting virtues. Most of them help to improve self-esteem, and nurture the mind as well as the soul. We’ve selected four workshops in Casablanca : Whether it’s workshops to reconnect with nature, allow you to express and manage your emotions, or to unleash your creativity, they all have the same purpose: to make you a little bit happier!

An olfactory escape!  

The sense of smell opens the door to emotions. We all have an odor, a scent imprinted on us, that reminds us of a memory. Just think of the famous Proustian madeleine; our senses can trigger our emotions!  To that end, how about trying olfactotherapy? That’s what Yacout Sijelmassi, a naturopath specialized in emotional aromatherapy and co-founder with her father of the natural cosmetics laboratory Charme du Maroc, proposes.

The principle of this workshop in Casablanca is to stimulate the sense of smell by inhaling  essential oils and seeking to feel a particular emotion. In short, you smell to feel better!  During these workshops, the vibratory aspect of aromatic plants is used, not their therapeutic side. You will also be able to create your custom perfumes and develop your own olfactory identity. These workshops are offered in individual, small group, and corporate deals. 

Essential Workshop – Yacout Sijelmassi
Tel.: 06 64 64 58 49

Conference on the theme “From aromatic plants to emotions,” on April 23, 2024, Odysseia et cætera, 61 bd Hassan II, 11th floor, Casablanca


More Than One Trick Up Your Sleeve!

It’s well known, potters have very soft hands! But more seriously, they are especially known for their great patience as well as their dexterity. Pottery is undoubtedly a meditative, soothing activity, and therefore a generator of well-being. We’ve already talked about the Atelier des Arômes and the discovery sessions they offer. Today, we’re interested in their newest addition: the pottery workshop is now offered in a training version. It includes four practice sessions that will make you a potter capable of making an object from A to Z. With mastery of centering, turning, and finishing steps, you will leave there proud to be the author of unique creations!

Atelier des Arômes
Ground floor of the Chantimar residence, corner of rue 3, Epinal subdivision, Casablanca 100% Potter’s Wheel Training, 4 sessions (1st session on April 27), 899 DH

Tel.: 07 01 09 39 31

Green Thumbs Up!

It’s proven that “earthing” (being in contact with the earth) provides a sense of well-being. It even significantly reduces the inflammation that our bodies undergo. In Casablanca, Rachid Latouri is Mr. Urban Agriculture. Thanks to his Latouri Green project, he is also a leader  in permaculture. Since 2022, he has been working to green many spaces in the city: rooftops, balconies, courtyards, etc.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a small garden, growing your aromatic plants, or your small vegetables, you should definitely attend one of his workshops in Casablanca.  You can try horticulture therapy  (therapy through gardening) and realize how satisfying it is to touch the earth, plant seeds, water them, then care for and see the plants grow! 

Latouri Green
Tel.: 06 74 10 22 15

Upcoming urban agriculture workshops with the French Institute of Casablanca on April 27, May 25, and June 29, 123 Boulevard Zerktouni, Casablanca.
Free subject to availability.

 Sew Your Way to Peace of Mind! 

Needlework, an activity for grannies? No, no… Since the pandemic, knitting and sewing have become increasingly popular. Signing up for a sewing workshop offered by Fun Art Place is not only super trendy but it’s also an effective way to refocus, to concentrate on a single activity, to stimulate creativity, and to find oneself calmed down. Sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crocheting require our complete attention.. They require us to be calm and to take our time. These workshops in Casablanca will also allow you to discover the richness of our artisanal heritage. Get your needles ready!

Fun Art Place
Anfa Place Mall, Corniche Boulevard, Aïn Diab, Casablanca

Tel.: 06 22 38 48 80
Workshop prices on request

Picture (c) : Dolce Gabbana

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