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For the end-of-the-year  celebrations, Sofitel Tamuda Bay is going all out (and all lit up). Candlelit dinners on the beach, candlelight massages… Are you tempted by the Holiday Season and the Moroccan Riviera?

Feeling uninspired for the holidays? What if you ditched the south of Morocco and other ski resorts to be surprised by the charm of the Moroccan Riviera? From November 20th to February 10th, 2024, Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach & Spa is dressed to the nines to celebrate its traditional Holiday Season. Fireside chats, long walks on the deserted beaches of the Mediterranean, and visits to Tetouan and its Arab-Andalusian heritage… Yes, the north of Morocco is also worth a visit in winter! 

For over three months, Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach & Spa embraces enchantment. Everything is designed by the hotel’s teams to delight its guests. This year, the Holiday Season takes inspiration from the famous candle ritual of the Sofitel brand. In addition to a “French touch,” the ambiance will be about light, sparkle, joy, and warmth. There couldn’t be a better way to  celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, or even the Chinese New Year, which falls on February 10th.

“A nod to the lamplighters of the 18th century in Paris,” details Idriss Saoudi, general manager of Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach & Spa. In the 1860s, Paris became the first city to light  its streets after sunset with over 56,000 gas lamps. The French capital became known as “The City of Light,” a symbol of safety, warmth, and humanity, also in reference to the role of French philosophers during the Enlightenment. This tradition inspired Sofitel’s Candle Ritual, a unique experience that highlights the brand. The warm glow of the candles creates a welcoming and magical atmosphere, illustrating the transition from day to night every day at dusk.

Gourmet surprises:                                               Sofitel Tamuda Bay

On the menu for Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach & Spa’s Festive Season: the famous aperitifs or private dinners by Chef El Mehdi on the beach and under the starry sky of M’Diq. Respectively named “Bouchées complices” and “Confidences gastronomiques,” these gourmet, intimate, and friendly moments are to be experienced as a couple, with friends, or with family, in a natural setting — slll enhanced by the glow of candles.

Special mention for the cocktails created for this occasion, which have  notes of chocolate, orange, and cinnamon, and also for the “Instant Tea Time,” designed by pastry chef Ayoub, featuring our favorite: the vanilla-passion scone.


Bonus: New wellness rituals

Also, as part of the Holiday Season, Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach & Spa has introduced two new wellness experiences. At the editorial office, we vote for the candle massage, performed on the entire body — atimeless moment with many benefits. In addition to releasing muscle tension and stress, it nourishes and restores elasticity to the skin. 

Another highlight: the ritual of the in-room bath special for the Holiday Season. In the intimacy of their own space, the guest can immerse themselves in a relaxing bath, enhanced with bath salts, essential oils, and fragrant essences. Could there be a better way  to start the year off well?

Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach & Spa:
Route de Ceuta M’diq Tetouan
Tel.: 05 39 71 62 00Room prices, starting from 2000 DH/night.

Picture (c) : Sofitel Tamuda Bay

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