Restaurants in Morocco

The new season brings along a fresh wave of culinary concepts, much to the delight of our taste buds. Here are five new gourmet spots to visit across the kingdom.


After his successful stint in London, where he swiftly earned a Michelin star for Jamavar, Rohit Ghai has now set his sights on Marrakech. But not just anywhere—his prestigious Indian cuisine has found a home in the kitchens of Oberoi. For the hotel group that shares his nationality, he has crafted the menu for Rivayat, a brand-new restaurant that opened its doors on September 1st.

For this latest venture, the chef has conceived a menu inspired by Indian gastronomy, featuring dishes from various regions that he has carefully reimagined. From coconut and sesame masala shrimp to tandoori salmon with raita and pickles, butter chicken, and Atlantic lobster with curry leaves, tomatoes, and mustard—a real culinary journey.

Open daily from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Rivayat, The Oberoi
Route de Ouarzazate, Marrakech
Phone: 05 25 08 15 15


In case somehow you missed it, here’s a spot that’s already made its mark since its opening in Casablanca earlier this year. Located in an old house on Boulevard Bir Anzarane, the owners of Cézanne and the former Bazaar have introduced their latest concept. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle, just steps from downtown and not far from the Corniche. Whether you choose to dine on the terrace, in the « winter garden, » or in the wooden-toned interior, the setting is suitable for a business lunch, a late lunch with friends, or a romantic dinner.

The menu is simple, with fresh ingredients, and everything is made from scratch. In the kitchen, the French-Swedish executive chef is busy offering Mediterranean dishes with a twist. Think lychee ceviche, pineapple iced tataki, slow-cooked chuck steak, crusted lamb, red mullet bouillabaisse, and salmon ravioli… Just talking about it is making our mouths water.

Open daily from 12:30 PM to 1 AM, with continuous service.
23 Boulevard Bir Anzarane, Casablanca
Phone: 05 22 94 94 01


« Glaz »… does that ring a bell? Probably not. This typically Breton expression refers to the palette of blues and greens that the sea can take on. This same color scheme can be found in the decor of the establishment that has just opened in the Racine district of Casablanca. Chef Meriem Tahiri, known for her role on Master Chef Morocco, created the recipes. On the menu: melon gazpacho with fresh mint, served with shrimp and chorizo; Caesar salad with buckwheat chips; rib-eye steak with shallots; tartare with matchstick potatoes; salmon steak with seaweed-flavored  white butter from Nantes; and scallops with cream corn and English mustard…

In addition to the classic menu, you can also savor fusion pancakes that break free from traditional recipes. Goat cheese, tomato, country ham, and pesto pancakes; pancakes with truffle mashed potatoes accompanied by chicken ballotine with porcini mushrooms; and leek-salmon fondue with pickled beets and beet ice cream… The flavors of Brittany will win you over.

25, Rue Ahmed El Mokri, Casablanca
Phone: 06 61 05 36 89


Opened in July, Cabaret Anzar brings a breath of fresh air to the Tangier nightlife. Located in the heart of the Marina, this establishment was designed by architect Othmane Lazraq, and we absolutely love it. Curved red velvet booths, enveloping alcoves, columns adorned with golden leaves, and sensual vaults ceilings… The interior design is a true invitation to indulge the senses. In the kitchen, it’s all about Moroccan cuisine. Classic dishes (chakchouka, chicken and almond briouats, Moroccan-style beef liver, raisin mrouzia, Tangier langoustines with chermoula) are beautifully executed.

And then there are the more unique offerings: mini chicken and amlou pastilla, osso buco of veal with prunes and almonds, chicken supreme with argan oil… On stage, several artists (dancers, singers) take turns every night offering performances in the spirit of  oriental cabarets. It’s the perfect place for dinner and to get caught up in the festivities until the early hours of the morning.

Marina Bay, Tangier
Open daily from 9 PM to 4 AM
Reservations at: 06 66 17 28 97

Pétanque Social Club

Who said pétanque was old-fashioned? Certainly not us. And much to our delight, one of the iconic pétanque clubs in the ochre city has been revived. This new venue is the brainchild of the owner of Café des Épices and Nomad. We haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but we’ve heard nothing but good things. In the heart of Guéliz, a spacious garden awaits where you can sip cocktails and nibble on tapas as night falls.

Alternatively, you may prefer to dine in one of the many rooms in this tastefully decorated house that showcases antique furniture and contemporary art. It’s a definite must-visit on our next trip to Marrakech to discover the Mediterranean-flavored menu and, perhaps, have a game of pétanque.

74, Bd El Mansour Eddahbi, Guéliz, Marrakech
Open daily from 5 PM to midnight
Reservations at: 06 66 45 53 80

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