He is among the hairdressers coveted by every celebrity and Parisienne alike. For over a decade, David Lucas has been developing unique hair styling and coloring techniques, as well as his own treatments. His signature? Naturalness, both in the results and the products used. This expertise is now available at the Esthécare salons in Casablanca and Atelier 9 in Rabat. 

We caught up with him during his visit to Morocco, and here’s everything you need to know.

It’s not every day that beauty superstars come to visit! Imagine our excitement when we learned that David Lucas was coming in person to train the teams at Esthécare Casablanca and Atelier 9 Rabat. At Shoelifer, we hold these two institutes in high regard (already known for offering the renowned hairdresser’s products and treatments) for their personalized care, combined with genuine expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, there’s no longer a need to travel to Paris to enjoy a sleek and modern haircut, natural hair coloring, or a radiant balayage, all trademarks of David Lucas. We get to know him, his journey, his unique techniques, and his approach to care. The star hairdresser tells us everything.


 An Innate Talent for Hairdressing

As far back as he can remember, David Lucas always wanted to be a hairdresser: “Even as a little boy, I used to trim the trees, shrubs, and plants in my parents’ garden. I enjoyed shaping them. I was drawn to things that renewed themselves. When you cut a plant, it grows back, much like hair, so that’s how I started.” At 16, the teenager began his apprenticeship in Arcachon, his hometown. And it was in his mother’s hair salon that he took his first professional steps. “My mentor was my mother’s hairdresser, and it was an extraordinary story. I immediately loved what I was doing in the salon, being in contact with clients. Suddenly, I transitioned from adolescence to an adult world that I adored,” he recalls with emotion. Indeed, David Lucas possesses all the qualities needed for this profession. Beyond his talent, he loves to listen, interact, advise, and take care of his clients. “Hairdressing is a profession of kindness, expertise, and gentleness. Hairdressers are people who love people,” he states simply. When he obtained his professional qualification, he began his career in Bordeaux. He stayed there for 5 years before joining the René Furterer institute in Paris in 2000, which was exceptional experience that allowed him, for 10 years, to refine his technique and rub shoulders with numerous journalists. “We held press conferences every 6 months, which allowed me to meet many journalists and thus make contacts.” In 2010, the hairdresser took the plunge and opened his own salon in a Parisian apartment on Rue Danielle Casanova, near Place Vendôme. A prestigious first location, it quickly became the headquarters for celebrities and trendy Parisians. He remembers: “I started working on my balayages, colors, and cuts on journalists, TV presenters, etc. These same people then interact with studio hairdressers, makeup artists. So, it was word-of-mouth and articles in the press that made me known.” Today, the hairdresser and colorist owns five salons in Bordeaux and Paris, including the one at the very famous Hôtel de Crillon. It goes without saying that this enthusiast develops his own hair cutting and coloring techniques, as well as his treatments, with one commonality: always prioritizing naturalness.

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The Recipe for Success?

 His style is now easily recognizable. In terms of hairstyling, he doesn’t hesitate to be inventive with clean, rock, and modern cuts, aiming for an elegant finish that respects the hair’s integrity and the client’s personality. But his specialty remains hair coloring, particularly “lighting,” a specific balayage technique that replicates the sun’s natural lightening effect, all in a supremely natural way. And it’s precisely this perfectly blended result within the rest of the hair that constitutes David Lucas’s success. Blonde, brunette, redhead, or dark-haired? Rest assured, the hairstylist’s technique adapts to all hair types and colors. Thus, it’s possible to revitalize dull blondes, lighten overly uniform brunettes, or give dark-haired individuals beautiful highlights through specific balayage techniques, all without  damaging the hair. David Lucas is indeed a fan of colors made from botanical-origin micropigments. He crafts his own mixtures to achieve the desired result. “The most important thing, first and foremost, is the diagnosis. It’s necessary to take 5-10 minutes to sit with the client in front of the mirror, without a gown, to see her with her clothes and discuss what she wants to do. Often, people come with a photo. It’s then up to us to advise and adapt based on what’s possible or not,” David Lucas explains. It’s this unique expertise that he personally came to impart to the dedicated teams at the Esthécare center and Atelier 9 institute. Haircuts (for women and men), blow-dries, hairstyles for a wedding or an event, plant-based colorations, balayages, double balayages, and other personalized treatments: the colorists and hairdressers at the two beauty institutes are now the custodians of his know-how, for exceptional results.

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Hair Health  Above All Hair coloring

Before proceeding with any cut, color, or even blow-dry, David Lucas pays particular attention to the health of the hair fiber. Indeed, the René Furterer institute imparted to him the idea that to have beautiful hair, it’s essential to preserve it, minimize sensitization, and provide maximal care. In this regard, the star hairdresser launched his own brand of treatments in 2016, which now comprises two lines. The first is named Monique, after his mother. “My mom has very curly hair, and I’ve always seen her in search of effective shampoos and treatments. So, I created this range based on her hair type. Rich in hydrolyzed keratin, it deeply nourishes and smooths thick, dry, and balayaged hair,” David Lucas confides. “Moroccan women with thick, dry, and/or curly hair will achieve fabulous results with the Monique range,” he adds. This line includes a shampoo, a mask, and a leave-in treatment, all formulated without sulfates and parabens. But David Lucas wanted  to push the concept of naturalness even further, and so  in 2020 unveiled  Respect, a line of treatments that are as respectful of hair as they are of the planet. “The shampoo, mask, and serum from the Respect line were recently joined by our latest innovation: the powder shampoo. It scores 100/100 on Yuka (editor’s note: a mobile app that allows scanning of food and cosmetic products to figure out their composition and evaluate their impact on health), making it the cleanest base on the market. To achieve this, we removed water, which necessarily requires the addition of preservatives. By eliminating them, we’re able to offer a 100% natural formula. This powder shampoo is especially suitable for people with sensitive scalps and fine hair that need strengthening,” he specifies. The advantage is that these two lines are complementary: “You can also mix the two lines. For example, if the scalp is a bit greasy, opt for the Respect shampoo and the Monique mask. You can also apply a little of the Monique leave-in treatment daily for perfectly hydrated locks and beautifully defined curls.”

 Last but not least… Hair coloring

Note that the famous David Lucas will be returning to Casablanca and Rabat to style a few lucky individuals. So, express your interest at the centers to be notified of his next visit!

Haircut, care, and coloring techniques offered at Esthécare and Atelier 9. 

Atelier 9, Atrium de la Pinède, 17, Cadi Srayri Street, Souissi, Rabat. Tel.: 05 37 75 93 31 Atelier 9, 15M, Les Camélias Residence, Mahaj Riad, Rabat. Tel.: 06 69 82 85 03 

Esthécare Center, 16 AbouHayane Al Gharnati Street, Racine, Casablanca.Tel.: 05 22 98 51 50 

David Lucas products are available for purchase at Esthécare Casablanca and Rabat, Atelier 9 Rabat, Studio B Casablanca, and Le 8ème in Casablanca, as well as online at . Hair coloring

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