Hair in summer

To have beautiful hair in summer, there are no secrets; you need to step up your hair care game. At the beach, in the shower, or before bedtime, we’ll explain what to do and, most importantly, the right products to use. Get ready for mermaid-worthy locks!

You know the drill. With UV exposure, sea salt, sand, and chlorine, it’s not easy to keep your hair looking beautiful in summer. As a result, you end your vacation with straw-like hair, split ends, and a dull color, making a trip to the hairdresser a must as soon as you return. However, it’s possible to minimize the damage. Like your skin, your hair needs protection from environmental damage. Alongside your sunscreen, consider carrying a protective oil in your bag to apply to your locks before and during sun exposure. In the evening, continue your care routine in the shower and before bedtime with suitable products.

Instant untangling leave-in treatment for sun-exposed hair, Revlon Professional Equave™. Price: 172 DH for a 200 ml spray.Available in pharmacies.

In the Shower: We Maintain

Like the rest of the year, to keep your hair beautiful in summer, it’s recommended not to wash it every day. Try not to wet it daily or simply rinse them with clear water after swimming. Then, two to three times a week, follow a complete shower routine, consisting of shampoo, conditioner or mask, and a leave-in treatment if necessary. Choose a line of products that suits your needs. If you have colored or highlighted hair, you know that the color tends to fade due to sun, salt, and chlorine. So, opt for specific care products to maintain your color. Alternatively, you can turn to nourishing products or “sun” special ranges to hydrate and protect the hair fiber.

Kérastase offers several solutions for this purpose. For colored hair, we recommend the Chroma Absolu line, which intensely repairs the hair fiber while protecting the color. As a result, your color remains more intense and vibrant for longer. For blonde hair, consider the Blond Absolu range. It offers a complete care ritual with anti-reflective action thanks to ultraviolet-neutralizing active ingredients. The blonde remains luminous and cool, while your locks are deeply hydrated and strengthened.

Based on coconut water and vitamin E, the Soleil line also provides the right nutrients to your hair. The added benefit is the UV filters in its formula that protect the hair fiber from the sun while removing chlorine, salt, and sand residues.

Kérastase shampoo costs 247 DH for a 250 ml bottle, conditioner costs 396 DH for a 200 ml bottle, and mask costs 296 DH for a 200 ml jar. Available in selective perfumeries and pharmacies.

Before Bedtime: We Nourish

The final step in our summer hair care routine is applying a serum to the locks and ends just before going to bed. Recently, the brand Olaplex has gained a lot of followers. Its success is based on one and only ingredient: bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. Considered miraculous, this patented active ingredient has the power to repair split ends and damaged hair at the core of the hair fiber. While the Hair Perfector No. 3 is the brand’s best-seller (one bottle is sold every 5 seconds worldwide), this summer, try the No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum.

This ultra-light, silicone-free leave-in treatment forms a shield around the hair thanks to its formula enriched with antioxidant red algae extract. It neutralizes free radicals, blocks pollutants, and deeply nourishes the hair fiber. As a result, the hair becomes soft and shiny, curls are better defined, and there is less static electricity. Note that this serum also protects the hair fiber from damage caused by heat styling tools. Take note… 

Olaplex No. 9, Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum. Price: 399 DH for a 90 ml bottle. Available in pharmacies.

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