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The lovechild of phone-sex lines and ASMR, erotic podcasts are ideal for stoking our desire and imagination. Haven’t taken the plunge yet? Allow Shoelifer to introduce you.

When it comes to stimulation, erotic podcasts are the new medium for whetting our desires. Farewell to YouPorn, Pornhub, and the likes–merely the fast food of sex. Make way for 100% audio productions that are much higher quality, ethical, yet extremely sexy (and sexual). Moreover, they have the ability to expand the imagination, rather than annihilate it like porn. And it’s perfect timing as summer − filled with naps and leisure moments − is conducive to new experiences. If you haven’t tried it yet, now might be the moment. Shoelifer unveils its muy caliente selection to spice up your summer.

1/ For Escaping Under the Sheets: Ctrlx

Brought to you by a collective of men and women, including journalists, digital actors, and theater professionals, Ctrlx is a platform for erotic and pornographic readings. It includes classics as well as more contemporary texts, with readings punctuated by original sound design. An erotic podcast to listen to in bed, during nap time.

Listen here.

Available on all podcast platforms.

2/ You’ll Meet a Mysterious Stranger: Allô ma chérie

In this erotic podcast broadcast by Le son du désir, an audio platform dedicated to sexual health, your lover leaves you a message on your answering machine. To listen, you lie down on your bed and let yourself be guided by the voice of your supposed beloved… Who is he? What’s he like? Your imagination works while your senses are titillated by the suggestive playfulness of this ephemeral lover.

Listen here.

Available on all podcast platforms.

3/ For Reconnecting with Your Body: Femtasy

“By women, for women”, is the creed of this feminist erotic podcast. With Femtasy, you still get aroused, but step outside mainstream porn representations. Through the voice, you reconnect with your body and sensations, and above all, you take your time. Conveniently, a short questionnaire helps the site identify your preferences and potential paths you might explore. For your utmost pleasure !

4 / For Beginners : VOXXX

“An invitation to pleasure for audiophile clitorises”: that’s the phrase that grabs our attention on the homepage of the voxxx.org website. Created by four friends, including Olympe de G, a feminist filmmaker and pornographer, and Lélé O., an erotic performer, the VOXXX podcast (vox for “voice” in Latin and “xxx” for “hardcore sex”) invites listeners to guided masturbation sessions. Over 100 episodes are already available on this platform dedicated to erotic podcasts, and a new episode is uploaded every week. The bonus? Tags allow you to choose the content you want to listen to: more “voyeurism,” “by hand,” “mouth noises,” or “tender”? We’ll let you explore on your own. Another bonus? You have the choice of language (for all you English speakers out there).

Available on all podcast platforms.

5 / The Diamond in the Rough: La bande SM

In this single episode created by Jeanne Robert for Arte Radio, a dominatrix welcomes her “sub” for a session of sadomasochism. The session, 100% genuine, was recorded with the participants’ consent. A true immersion into the heart of intimacy. Definitely the most intriguing erotic podcast !

Listen here.

6/ The Netflix of Erotic Podcasts: Déferlante


When Belgians dive into something, they go all in. Déferlante, a platform dedicated to erotic podcasts, offers over a hundred episodes. There’s something for every taste. There are also series (La Prof, Vacances en Italie…), in short, a whole program! “Provocative podcast of pleasure,” promises the site. You decide !

Listen here.

7/ J’irai dormir chez vous: the Erotic Version


Now, this one’s our little favorite. Perfect for the summer, especially for those who won’t have the chance to travel this year. In Sac à dos et libido (Backpack and Libido), journalist Antonio Fischetti travels the world “with his nose in the wind and under the skirts of humanity.” A kind of textbook for sexuality, where everyone reveals the fantasies, taboos, and desires of people from different countries and cultures. Informative and arousing.

All episodes are available on YouTube :

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