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Reddened and ultra-sensitive skin, desperately seeking remedies to relieve a sunburn? You’ve come to the right place! With these 5 tips, your skin will feel better  in no time.

No matter how careful you are, applying sunscreen regularly, and following dermatologists’ recommendations to the letter, there’s still a chance of getting a sunburn. A gentle breeze, and the nth layer of sunscreen is forgotten. There are also those who are too rushed to sport a tanned look and don’t adequately protect themselves. Long story short, your skin has turned lobster red and is causing you considerable discomfort. Here are our tips to counter the most common summer nuisance.

Assess the Extent of Damage

Redness, tightness, overheating? Although painful, sunburn is often mild. However, consulting a doctor urgently is recommended in certain cases, such as when a large area of the skin is affected, when sunburn strikes a vulnerable individual (elderly person, child, sick adult…), in case of fever, headaches, or discomfort. In the absence of these symptoms, a sunburn can be easily relieved and recovery can be swift if handled properly.

Take a Cold Bath

Sunburn is nothing more than a burn and an accumulation of heat. The skin can’t take it anymore and lets you know by becoming red and painful. The first step is to cool it down by taking a cold bath or shower. The cooler the water, the more your skin will appreciate it. Gently eliminate any traces of salt and sand, preferably using a “soap-free soap,” before rinsing thoroughly and patting yourself dry very delicately with a towel. Avoid rubbing the already fragile skin.

Use an Anti-Inflammatory to Calm the Heat

Doctors generally recommend taking an anti-inflammatory to relieve mild sunburn, such as ibuprofen, marketed under names like Algantil or Brufen (just to name a couple). You can also opt for classic pain relievers like paracetamol (Doliprane) or aspirin. But always keep in mind that self-medication must follow certain rules. Take the time to discuss it with a pharmacist who will guide you in choosing a good repairing cream, as well as a protective treatment if you had the unfortunate idea of traveling without one.

Apply a Generous Layer of Repairing Cream

While many soothing creams exist on the market, it’s hard to overlook the iconic Biafine… In France, the country where this anti-burn lotion was born in 1976, about 340 tubes are sold per hour on average. The reasons for this success? Biafine creates a highly moisturizing protective barrier on the skin, promoting rapid skin reconstruction. The formula contains paraffins and avocado oil for hydration, and trolamine for soothing–the miracle recipe for relieving a sunburn. Don’t hesitate to apply a thick layer of the product and repeat the process if necessary.

Note: contrary to popular belief, Biafine is indeed a medication. Always read the instructions and if needed, seek advice at a pharmacy.

Deep Hydration is Key

The next day, make a hydrating and soothing cucumber mask before starting your day. Thinly slice a few pieces and apply them to the areas that feel warm: face, shoulders, the neckline, etc…. Leave on for about ten minutes before rinsing with cold water. And of course, no exposure or skipping on a very high protection sunscreen (SPF 50+) which remains the best remedy against sunburn.

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