Valentine’s day gifts

When it comes to Valentine’s day gifts, jewelry remains a safe bet. However, the challenge lies in choosing the right one. Shoelifer has reviewed the latest offerings (and more) from its favorite brands. Follow the guide.

Tell me what Valentine’s gifts you give, and I’ll tell you what you mean. Want to convey a message to your loved one? Whether declaring your love, reaffirming affection, or expressing desire, nothing beats a piece of jewelry. Here are 10 that should go straight to the heart.

Making a declaration

“My life,” “My dear,” “My princess”… Whatever affectionate nickname you give your better half, make sure she carries it everywhere. For Valentine’s Day, Mounier Bouvard is launching an exclusive collection of round pendants engraved with these lovely appellations. Some are even paved with white or multicolored diamonds. Ideal for keeping your affection close to the heart.

And for those who want to please Mr., the bracelet from the Machaïr collection is also available in a masculine version.

Price on request
Mounier Bouvard
29 Rue Brahim Nakhai, Casablanca
Tel: 05 22 98 51 28

Desire tested over time

Affirming attachment with a watch, why not? But not just any watch. An ultra-precious timepiece with a rich history. As mentioned recently, Cartier’s French Tank has made a grand comeback. It is undoubtedly the most desirable watch of the moment. Perfect for inscribing your love in eternity.

Price on request
Hyatt Regency
Place des Nations Unies, Casablanca
Open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7:30 pm
Tel.: 05 22 43 12 12.

A jewel like an embrace

Sentimental effusions, not your thing, but you still want to give her jewelry? We love the Serpenti Viper bracelet from the Bvlgari house. A strong and hypnotic piece in 18-carat white gold, which embraces the forearm of the loved one.

Price: 356,500 DH
14 Rue Aïn Harrouda, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 95 18 95

Valentine’s day gifts

Offering your heart in a pendant

Sometimes the most obvious symbols are also the most eloquent. Like this 18K yellow gold necklace with its 0.30-carat heart-shaped pendant. Does your heart belong to her? Offer it to her literally and figuratively with this jewel signed by the diamond house Celinni.

Price: 17,000 DH
Maison Celinni
10, Rue de la Mutualité, El Maarif, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 94 97 59

Valentine’s day gifts

Rediscovering your inner child

For February 14, 2023, the house Callira drew inspiration from a childhood game. The one where you remove one petal at a time from a daisy while reciting, “I love you, a little, a lot, passionately…” For each of the steps, the jeweler designed a different pendant in the shape of a flower (with more or fewer petals). We love it!

Price: 5,500 DH
9, Place des Arènes, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 25 54 60

A timeless piece

Want to break free from cliché Valentine’s gifts? Our latest crush goes to this yellow gold bracelet with diamonds and mother-of-pearl. We love its delicately crafted gold bracelet that gracefully hugs our wrist. Ideal for enhancing an all-black look.

Price on request
5 Rue Aïn Harrouda, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 94 66 66

Valentine’s day gifts

Not doing what everyone else does

Exit pendants, rings, and bracelets. What if you opted for a pair of earrings instead? Like this model of mini-hoops signed La brune et la blonde. We love the contrast between the roundness of the 18kt yellow gold hoops and the angular look of brilliant-cut diamonds. Ideal for illuminating the face of your loved one.

Price on request
La brune et la blonde
At Neyleen
8 Rue Aïn Harrouda, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 36 48 04

A love as powerful as a symbol

For its latest collection, the Azuelos house reinterprets the traditional khmissa symbol. More stretched, more modern, the hand appears on pendants but also on bangle bracelets or with a leather cord in a very rock’n’roll style. For a love between tradition and modernity.

Price on request
16 Boulevard Moulay Youssef, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 47 13 08

Two beings intertwined

This ring from the new collection of Tiara Joaillerie caught our eye in our quest for the best Valentine’s gifts. We love its interlacing of diamond pavé that reminds us of the embrace of two lovers. A gift that is not without voluptuousness!

Price on request
Tiara Joaillerie
Je Office Residence
7 Rue El Massoudi, Casablanca
By appointment at tel.: 06 69 06 74 10

Three little hearts

For Valentine’s Day, the Chopard house is launching an exclusive collection of heart-shaped jewelry called “Me myself and my happy hearts”. Pendants that we juxtapose around the neck, rings that we accumulate, bracelets… the hearts come in red or diamond pavé. Our favorite jewel? The stud earrings. That we would gladly gift to ourselves.

Price on request
Rue Ain Harrouda, Residence El Manar, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 39 60 60


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