As suited for a shopping spree as it is for a road trip, the new BMW XM redefines the standards of the luxury electric SUV. We’re captivated by its incredible grille, designed to woo us, and its remarkably reassuring oversized dimensions. Inside, there is an ambiance like VIP lounge, with custom finishes that set the bar very, very high. Our editorial team tested it, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know !

Getting on board the BMW XM is like boarding a particularly imposing terrestrial spaceship. You gain height immediately, and once the doors are closed, you find yourself in a soundproof bubble. The hustle and bustle of the city seems distant, and you are comfortably seated to enjoy all the features imagined by the Munich-based manufacturer. Unveiled in a preview at the grand design and contemporary art fair, Art Basel in Miami, the sleek and impressive body of the BMW XM captivated everyone.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of its sports division, Motorsport (symbolized by the letter M), the German brand has designed this absolutely phenomenal plug-in hybrid SUV. In its most basic version, it already boasts performance and options that would make its peers jealous. Consider this: 650 hp and a V8 biturbo engine under an oversized hood;2.7 tons and a very high center of gravity; and headlights and taillights stacked on a grille encircled by gold and LEDs. In its Red Label version, limited to 500 units worldwide, the XM features a matte black paint finish with red accents. The same elegant contrast is reflected in the interior. In its top-of-the-line version, the German SUV will ascend to 748 hp, making it the most powerful in the brand’s lineup.

The BMW XM, a well-crafted character.

While the trend in automotive design has long favored curvy models, the BMW XM breaks the mold and offers a radically different visual approach. The vehicle features sharp edges, angles, and grooves that emphasize the sense of superpower already suggested by its size. Undoubtedly, BMW chose Naomi Campbell to promote its vehicle to highlight this strong character. The top model, the first black model to grace the cover of Vogue in 1988, was seen on social media behind the wheel of this massive car. What we like about the XM is the feeling of security and even omnipotence in the city and on the road, as well as its spacious trunk capable of accommodating a multitude of bags, whether for shopping or travel!犀利士

Almost like a lounge…

The dashboard consists of two juxtaposed screens. One is dedicated to driving instruments, while the other, in the center, is for the entire cabin. Numerous features are provided. However, one must take the time to adjust them to suit one’s needs for a truly personalized experience. Sensors and other radar systems will help avoid any obstacles in the city, access adaptive cruise control on the road, or even a nearly autonomous parking assistance system.

Almost like a lounge, the interior of the BMW XM is available with a two-tone upholstery as an option, adding an ultra-luxurious signature to the vehicle. The Alcantara headliner is complemented by LED lighting that produces a surprising 3D effect. The interior has been designed to ensure an extraordinary driving and travel experience. With its VIP lounge appearance, comfort takes on a new meaning.

BMW XM, starting from MAD 2,200,000.
Phone: 05 22 40 07 00

Photo (c) :  BMW GROUP

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