From Paris to Milan, the trade shows have already set the tone. This year, shades of red, terracotta, blue, or pink will adorn your interiors. The forms are embracing, and the materials are soft and textured. The whole concept is designed to create a cocoon of well-being, something we all need. Here are the 7 pieces that will brighten up your home decor.

The arrival of autumn feels like the beginning of the cocooning season. It’s probably physiological, but during this time our bodies are drawn to the cozy depths of the sofa. Transforming your interior into a haven of well-being is no small task. We certainly won’t change our entire decor to align with the trend of a season. Nevertheless, just like with our wardrobe, it’s possible to spruce up our style with some decisive choices.

Once again this year, the idea is to feel good at home. While the 70s and 80s are making a big comeback, along with velvet, we don’t neglect technology and innovation. We appreciate minimalist approaches, but that doesn’t prevent us from indulging in a touch of exuberance. We dare to blend sometimes unlikely styles, voluptuous forms, and dim lighting — always made with high quality materials. Here’s our overview of the 2024 home decor trends.

An iconic chair for a vintage touch

If you had to have just one designer piece in your home, it would undoubtedly be a one with personality, whether a sofa or a chair. The editorial team has found the piece you need. Created in 1960 by Pierre Paulin, the Mushroom F560 chair is both a museum piece (as it’s an integral part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York) and an everyday object. Well-known among informed decorators, it stands out for its original shape, avant-garde production techniques for its time, and generous dimensions. Its vibrant color palette, softness, and plushness make it trendy while allowing it to remain timeless. More than a decor trend, it’s a vintage icon. 

The Pierre Paulin Mushroom will be available exclusively at Inspiration Design By starting in December and is now available for pre-order.

A throw for coziness

Once again this year, the 2024 home decor trends makes throws essential to our sofas. The throw has become the comfort accessory that we proudly display. Carefully folded or simply tossed, this season it comes in even silkier materials. In the editorial office, we’ve chosen one of its most luxurious versions. Thanks to exceptional craftsmanship, the Italian house Loro Piana develops throws that are elegant, ultra-soft, and warm. In their 100% cashmere version, they appeal to our sense of  touch and emphasize the importance of using high-quality natural fibers. We fell for the Royal College model with its tartan design, fringes, and camel, blue, and earth tones. We’re already dreaming of snuggling up with it while watching a good series! 

Loro Piana throws are available for pre-order at Interior’s.


A fluted bar cabinet for all your storage needs

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina, the Hayama bar cabinet is undoubtedly the design piece that will add that sought-after minimalist touch to your decor. Envisioned by a Spanish designer for an Italian brand, it draws its concept from Japanese culture. It’s the precise folds of the Haori, the traditional jacket worn over kimonos, that inspired Patricia Urquiola. At the forefront of decor trends, the fluted facade and petroleum blue lacquer bring a geometric dimension and a striking effect. Inside, the interplay of mirrors and light adds depth to the three levels of storage. 

The Hayama collection by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina is available at Fenêtre Sur Cour.

A hippie chic touch – It’s groovy !

Embracing the colorful exuberance of the 70s ensures you’re at the forefront of the 2024 decor trends. Designed by architect-designer Géraldine Prieur for the renowned carpet brand Toulemonde Brochart, the Flower Power Fuchsia proudly displays its floral patterns. Made of a New Zealand wool blend and hand-tufted, this rug can be customized in terms of color ranges and dimensions that suit you. 


Toulemonde Bochart rugs are exclusively available for pre-order at Interlux.

A gentle flame to warm our senses

Candles have taken over our homes, especially the more “decorative” variations. Entirely crafted in Europe, Baobab Collection candles are mouth-blown and hand-poured artisanally. To match the 2024 decor trends, we’ve taken an interest in the limited edition Delta. Its exterior boasts a coral and black powdery effect, and its gourmet fragrance diffuses notes of hibiscus and green tea. A great way to kick off winter with a wonderful scent!

Baobab Collection candles are exclusively available at Tendance Inside.

Black & white for visual effect

Small accessories and decorative items are still very much in demand. They now come in an extra-large version, which we’re not complaining about! If there’s one timeless contrast, it’s undoubtedly black and white that still makes a statement. It will always find a place in our homes. We opted for the Extra Large Checkerboard Vase by L’Objet. Made of porcelain and hand-painted in Portugal, each piece in this collection is unique. Without taking any risks, here’s a way to bring an iconic touch to your decor. 

L’Objet creations are available at Nuances Maisons

A new kitchen for the most active !

Some may still be contemplating making a profound change to their home decor. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate! And if you were to start with just one place, it would be the kitchen. The 2024 decor trends keep it at the heart of the home. It’s the most creative and social space in the house. We open it up from all sides and make it the main room. Super functional and ultra-connected, it’s now adorned with natural colors and materials. In one of its most sophisticated designs, it’s the Antibes K kitchen by Boffi, the Italian specialist, that caught our attention. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it’s a sophisticated and pure blend of advanced technologies and natural materials. Wood, marble, and glass come together in a decidedly aesthetic visual concert. It could quickly become the highlight of your decor!


Boffi De Padova kitchens are exclusively distributed by KBS Studio Casablanca.

Picture (c) : Du Grand Art

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