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There are plenty of wallpaper options in Morocco, but few brands offer innovative materials, effects, and above all, ultra-personalization. This is what Masureel, a centuries-old Belgian luxury brand (it has been around since 1850, after all), has brought to Casablanca in recent days. We’ll tell you all about it.

Wallpaper in Morocco (and around the world, for that matter) has long been the same old designs seen over and over again. We all remember a jungle-themed wall at the entrance of a restaurant or a baroque-style covering adorning a bathroom like a boudoir. The advent of a luxury wallpaper market with genuine innovations, both in terms of materials and design, is relatively recent. Brands that offer products born from innovative research are rare. Only design and decor professionals, those who are sharp and discerning, know this name. That’s because, even though present in 70 countries, Masureel is one of those exclusive brands that only insiders whisper to each other.

In 2009, the Guy Masureel brand was founded by Guy Verstraete, a descendant of the family that owned the Masureel house. It’s 100% Belgian, built on traditional artisanal expertise, and responds to the renewed interest in wallpaper. Heavily inspired by nature, the brand is committed to environmentally responsible production. An environmental approach to luxury is showcased through collections of wallpapers with sophisticated textures and designs, now exclusively represented in Morocco at Cezadco.Globe. Shoelifer took advantage of Guy Verstraete’s presence in Morocco to learn more.

Can you briefly recount the history of Masureel for us?

Masureel’s history began in the heart of the Flanders Fields in 1850. It is intimately tied to the history of the arts. Masureel started with the retting of flax, which involved separating the flax fiber from the straw. In 1900, Maison Masureel wove its first cotton, and in 1937, my uncle got into thread dyeing.

As for me, I ventured into the world of wallpaper in the 1990s. In our family, the products we created were primarily crafted using advanced techniques. I wanted to develop a new universe, and it was wallpaper that allowed me to showcase the creativity that inspired me. We began by developing wall textiles, a kind of combination of textile and wallpaper. In 1995, we were actually the first on this market to develop this hybrid product called ‘non-woven.’ It consists of long fibers that offer dimensional stability. In practice, this allows you to apply the glue directly to the wall and make installation easier.

Today, it’s important to note that we hardly use paper in wallpaper anymore. Our coverings celebrate nature and offer a unique touch. We don’t use any vinyl or solvents. We have developed water-based products without PVC that provide the same efficiency with much less harm. This is what constitutes Masureel’s commitment to quality. Unique creations, innovative techniques, and an environmental focus.

After being ignored for a long time, wallpaper is making a big comeback in Morocco and around the world in decor trends. How do you explain this?

I think this interest is cyclical. In the early 19th and 20th centuries, wallpaper was everywhere. In the 1990s, the world wanted a change. Attention shifted to other materials, but it was short-lived. The nostalgia for design, especially textile materials, quickly returned to the forefront.

Masureel adds an artistic dimension to its wall coverings. Thanks to the digital age, we can develop our designs on all types of media. We can create custom designs on demand, according to architects’ orders, for example. Decorative arts inspire us a lot, but we are interested in all styles. Color and Matisse are coming back into the spotlight. During the Deco Off in Paris, it was clearly his vibrant colors that were favored. Wallpaper has reinvented itself today to better satisfy an increasingly sophisticated clientele in search of uniqueness.

What sets you apart from other luxury wallpaper publishers?

As a wallpaper manufacturer, we are one of the world leaders. We are not just publishers; we are primarily producers and we develop all our models in-house. In terms of manufacturing, digital plays a significant role but does not detract from our exclusive traditional processes. This is what sets us apart from other high-end companies. Artistic and ecological development are important values. Our collections are built around unique themes, and we plan to design textiles to coordinate in order to create comprehensive concepts to offer to our customers.

Masureel is present in approximately 70 countries. What is your approach to marketing in  Morocco?

First and foremost, I am convinced that we have chosen the best partner for our entry into Morocco. The discerning eye of Wassila Hilali, the founder of Cezadco.Globe, will be invaluable to Masureel, and her establishment is an ideal showcase for our collections. In practice, there appear to be two trends in the Moroccan decoration and wallpaper market: residential and contract, including hotels. We are equally committed to both domains. We don’t just sell products; we sell passion!

Masureel is exclusively represented at Cezadco.Globe.
You can explore the collections at the showroom located in Stade Center Building, No.
8 & 9, at the corner of Caid El Achtar Street and Brahim Annakhai Street, 2nd floor, Casablanca.
Phone: +212 625 599 499
Website: www.cezadglobe.com 

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