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La Fiermontina Ocean, located on the Moroccan Atlantic coast near Larache, combines luxury, comfort, and authenticity for a top-notch eco-retreat — and all of this  in an ultra-preserved natural setting close to the locals. A concept that has it all. 

Is quiet luxury still abstract to you? La Fiermontina Ocean embodies it on Earth. Situated on the wild coast of Larache, in the heart of the regional natural park nestled in the Dunes of Khemis Sahel, this hotel offers an eco-retreat that blends luxury, simplicity, and authenticity.

Discovering the Jbala country

Why? How? Well, first of all, La Fiermontina Ocean is an immersion into the culture and the Jbala country (north of Morocco). Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean (its deserted beaches and unexpected bays), the Mediterranean Sea, and the Rif Mountains, the region is considered one of the most preserved in the kingdom and rich in a multi-millennial history. Lixus, the ancient city founded by the Phoenicians, is actually located right next to La Fiermontina Ocean. If the resort itself is an island of peace, blessed by the gentle  sea breeze and its blues and greens,, it is very easy to access. Ideally located,  it is only 3 hours from Casablanca, 2 hours from Rabat, and 45 minutes from Tangier.

The synthesis between family heritage and social values

But La Fiermontina Ocean is also a story of soul and family, both romantic and multicultural. This project is led by the brother and sister team of , Yasmina Antonia Filali, CEO of the Orient-Occident Foundation, which defends the rights of migrants and refugees,and  Fouad Giacomo Filali, who masterfully manages the Fiermontina’s Family Collection, offering exceptional residences in Italy and Paris.

“Thirty years ago, my brother Fouad-Giacomo discovered a virgin land with a breathtaking view of the ocean. We then decided to build our family home there in stone and started to establish ties with the surrounding communities. He first helped the inhabitants of the village of Dchier by finding a way to bring them running water. A year later, he applied for a community development program through the Orient-Occident Foundation. That’s why part of La Fiermontina Ocean is located within the village itself, to help it develop,” says Yasmina Antonia Filali.

La Fiermontina Ocean is thus the synthesis of a family history and human values, which in June 2023 became  a hotel which prioritizes  social development and inclusion. The inhabitants of the douar (Darija for village) are integrated into the project. In addition,  the hotel’s shop sells decorative items made by migrants benefiting from the Orient-Occident Foundation.

Italian charm, French elegance, Moroccan warmth

The motto of the Fiermontina Ocean? Living in total harmony with the environment. To achieve this, the resort is designed and conceived in two areas. On the seaside, guests can stay in one of the eleven suites with a private pool and garden carved into the rock or one of the two family villas.

We especially  appreciated  its natural brightness and breathtaking views of the Atlantic. More than that, we loved the ultra-comfy and luxurious design, delicately infused with the owners’ history: a skillful blend of Italian charm, French elegance, and Moroccan warmth — with a touch of curated artwork and nods to the 1950s to 1970s.

It’s on foot (so forget about heels and other evening attire) that one reaches the central pavilion and the restaurant, nestled in a 90-hectare natural setting, composed among other things of olive trees and prickly pear cacti. Here, guests can enjoy refined dishes inspired by Italian and Moroccan chefs, prepared with fresh produce from the garden.

Inland, travelers seeking a more immersive experience can opt for one of the four traditional stone houses located in the village of Dchier. Here, it’s possible to have breakfast with the locals — a true ritual. At Fatima Zahra’s, for example, the meal starts with a rose water refreshment, followed by mint tea and warm msemen.

A stone’s throw away is the House of Cadi Filali, the patriarch of the family, a museum-homage to the Filali family, where one can also take a cooking class. Fiermontina Ocean also houses a traditional hammam and a Moorish café with its hanging terraces offering a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys.


Chill above all

Fiermontina Ocean is a 100% chill destination, an invitation to escape the hustle, to reconnect with oneself, others, and nature. Moreover, we want to be upfront:: the rooms don’t have televisions as they aren’t  really the spirit of the place.

But fear not (we already hear the hyperactive kids), there’s no time to get bored: there are so many things to do and, even more, to contemplate! To reach the beach club (yes, there is one), you can go  by ATV or on foot (between 20 and 25 minutes walk). The beach (paradisiacal) is almost deserted all year round because it’s difficult to access. And the ocean is very swimmable in this area (very little current). The place also contains a preserved dune, where you can have a picnic and admire the sunset. Luxury is in simplicity, and Fiermontina Ocean understands that perfectly!

La Fiermontina Ocean 

Picture (c) : La Fiermontina Ocean 

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