Travel in Morocco

Embark on an unusual travel experience in Morocco that sparks our curiosity at the Shoelifer headquarters. For a few months now, we have been paying close attention to what La Karavane has to offer. A mobile concept, as its name suggests, both fun, exotic, and quite confidential. Here’s what we think.

In some ways, the pandemic has given birth to beautiful ideas. La Karavane is one of them. This new way of traveling was born from the meeting between Safaa El Hakym, founder of Maev Event, and Amine Akesbi, also known as Amine K, a prominent figure in the Moroccan electronic scene. The concept? Combine the comfort of a 5-star hotel with the excitement of an adventure in nature. La Karavane offers the chance to venture off the beaten path in a comfortable camper van, creating moments of sharing around gourmet dishes to the rhythm of groovy music… A lovely project that the organizers initially wanted to keep rather secret to fine-tune the concept. However, they didn’t count on the determination and curiosity of the Shoelifer team, always on the lookout for good travel ideas in Morocco. So here it is, we reveal everything.

Travel in Morocco

La karavane : what is it ?

Inspired by the caravans that have crisscrossed the country for centuries, La Karavane offers a journey through the country’s roads to explore a specific region in each edition. On the agenda: visits and memorable nights in places as surprising as they are unoccupied. The goal? Bring together people from all walks of life to foster meetings and exchanges. The first edition took place in the Rif region, an unknown yet beautiful area with its wild coves and turquoise waters. Since then, four other editions have emerged, exploring other regions of the country. Among the destinations are the Middle Atlas through the terroir routes, from Château Roslane to Toumliline Monastery, passing through Michlifen and the Azrou forest.

Travel in Morocco

How does it work ?

La Karavane is a unique adventure lasting one week, bringing together about thirty participants. Alone, with family, or with friends, the concept is open to all types of audiences. The principle is simple: alternate one day in a camper van or glamping (glamorous camping) and two days in a hotel or guest house to vary the pleasures. Note that not all editions are done in a caravan, especially when the distances are short. Regarding cuisine, chefs prepare elaborate meals based on local and fresh products, with menus planned several weeks in advance. Finally, throughout the journey, Amine K, a well-known figure, sets the beat on his turntables with disco-funk or electro vibes as desired.

How to book ?

To gain access, you must be selected. You must first go through the form on the website. The team assesses the aspirations and mindset of each candidate. Yes, you are considered candidates and not “customers”. The goal is for everyone to feel comfortable, let go, and open up to this type of exploratory experience. Hence the preselection of the group in advance for a good vibes only effect. La Karavane is primarily looking for adventurous souls, lovers of travel in Morocco, and those curious about life. The organizers also offer private, tailor-made trips for groups looking to embark on an adventure. Whether for a birthday, a bachelorette or bachelor party, or simply for the pleasure of traveling. And for eco-conscious travelers, La Karavane implements local initiatives to preserve the environment, such as beach cleanups.

What’s next ?

The next edition of La Karavane, named “Road to Merzouga,” is scheduled from May 1st to 7th. It will be a 4×4 journey from Ouarzazate to Merzouga, concluding with the Transahara festival. But that’s not all! La Karavane doesn’t just offer you a unique travel experience in Morocco; it also plans to export the concept internationally. The next editions are planned in Panama and Egypt. Not to mention Amine and Safaa’s big dream: to organize a festival in Badès, in the Al Hoceima region, where it all began. This fishing village could host all the communities from previous editions every year to celebrate… music, of course. Stay tuned!

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Week starting from 20,000 MAD per person.

Picture (c): Nerijus Ir Gintare

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