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Which Moroccan caftan will be in vogue this summer? It’s time to ask this question as wedding season is on the horizon. Between timeless classics and pleasant surprises, Shoelifer has spotted the latest designer trends.

We’re not telling you anything new: the marathon of grand celebrations is about to begin, and it will last… and last… and last. “I can’t, I have a wedding” will become your favorite catchphrase for the coming months. And your closet’s motto will be, “You can’t, you already wore it last week.” Last-minute study session: brush up on your knowledge of Moroccan caftans, especially for summer 2023, before the exams that are the best look competition. What style, craftsmanship, or color should you choose to be at the forefront of the trend and make others jealous? These are the questions.

The Amazigh Spirit by Lamia Lakhsassi

The queen of multicolored embroidery returns this season with a brilliant proposition: to bring modernity to Amazigh patterns by experimenting with contrasts. We fell in love with this caftan, the centerpiece of her latest fashion show in Marrakech. Breaking the rules of traditional Moroccan couture, it combines a graphic fabric inspired by the Amazigh culture with a white dfina adorned with floral and graphic embroidery. It’s authentic, elegant, and incredibly modern! Especially if you accessorize it, like here, with Berber silver jewelry.

caftan marocain

Tie-Dye by Frédérique Birkemeyer

If there’s one trend that has taken over the fashion world in recent years, it’s tie-dye. Generally a symbol of a bohemian and casual spirit, it’s hard to imagine it in a Moroccan caftan. Yet, Frédérique dared to do so with this two-piece silk caftan featuring a structured neckline and Indian trimmings. We love it at the editorial office.

The Metallic Caftan by Line Bleu

At Shoelifer, we admire this young Moroccan caftan brand. Since its inception, Line Bleu has brought a breath of fresh air by offering modern combinations and different materials. We particularly like their now-classic openwork designs. This season, the metallic trend, reminiscent of the late seventies and early eighties, is back! Line Bleu has made it the highlight of its collection called “Lunaire.” A decidedly modern material choice, occasionally adorned with delicate Amazigh-inspired embroidery or a wide sfifa finish at the bottom of the caftan. It exudes a quiet brilliance.

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Silver & White by Houda Serbouti

Aficionados of Moroccan caftans know that Houda Serbouti embodies ultra-femininity. Graphic stone and sequin embroidery all over, the designer loves the full look and executes it marvelously. This summer, she’s back with a caftan that combines silver and white. Classic, you might say? That’s without considering Houda’s creativity: she offers a two-piece silk caftan worn under embroidered and beaded mesh with black and white floral and graphic motifs. A choice that reduces contrast and gives the piece a sense of lightness.

caftan marocain

The Ethnico-Makhzani by Siham Tazi Lahlou

Looking for Makhzani elements? Siham Tazi Lahlou has made it her signature. This summer, she adds an unexpected ethnic touch! A caftan where the materials, colors, embroideries, and the work of the maâlem (master craftsmen) seem to come from different planets. Yet their combination results in a striking harmony. So very unique.

The Color Block by Ghita Essakalli

It’s so often found on the runways that the color block is no longer a trend; it’s now a classic. This summer, it’s royal blue or nothing. That’s also the case with Ghita Essakalli and this silk caftan with a standing collar. The bonus: geometric embroidery, also worked in color blocks. Simple, chic, and very modern. We approve.


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