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What fragrance in 2024 will bring the most joy to your beloved mother? Whether she prefers floral, amber, woody, or fruity scents, you’ll surely find her happiness among these 8 new seasonal releases.

Celebrated on May 26th this year, Mother’s Day is a highlight of the spring calendar. Because we often tend to leave things to the last minute, this year, let’s think ahead to be sure we get a  gift to make a lasting impression. You can’t go wrong with perfume!  Plus, with the beautiful weather ahead, it’s time to swap out our heavy winter fragrance for a fresher and lighter scent.  Among the new releases,  we find a luminous 2024 perfume evoking vacations and warm sand, a saffron scent that takes us to Turkish lands, or even a sensual floral bouquet, reminiscent of Parisian elegance. Let your senses go on vacation. 

The sunniest: Lust for Sun Eau de Parfum, Juliette Has a Gun

Remember, not so long ago, we introduced you to the niche brand Juliette Has a Gun, created by Romano Ricci, grandson of couturier Nina Ricci. Renowned for its modern approach to perfumery, this season the French house unveils  a new creation: Lust for Sun. Filled with light, this 2024 perfume is crafted around subtle notes of bergamot, freesia, and coconut. In the heart, accents of orange blossom, ylang-ylang, and gardenia blend with a gourmand monoi. Finally, vanilla and musks add to the ensemble, evoking skin warmed by the sun and vacations by the seaside. It’s enough to hold us over until the summer. 

Price: 1,426 MAD for a 100ml bottle.
Available at Beauty Success.

The most poetic: Florabloom Forte Eau de Parfum, Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain

The iconic Aqua Allegoria collection expands with Florabloom Forte, inspired by the super blooms of the desert, a rare natural phenomenon that, after intense rains, brings to life a kaleidoscope of flowers. At the heart of this 2024 perfume, we find a radiant tuberose, a sensual l Grasse Centifolia rose, and a violet with powdery accents. This floral bouquet is underscored by the potency of sandalwood and the velvety touch of moss. It’s a  scent  that is both wild and poetic. As usual, each Aqua Allegoria creation comes in a refillable bottle and is composed of over 90% natural ingredients.

Price: 1,921 MAD for a 125ml bottle.
Available in selective perfumeries.

The spiciest: Cappadocia Eau de Parfum, Memo Paris

Our olfactory journey continues with this new creation from Memo Paris. This exclusive  brand, which imagines each perfume as a journey, takes us to the semi-arid region of Cappadocia, Turkey this time At the heart of the scent, we find the spicy notes of saffron, illuminated by the softness of iris, rose, and jasmine. In the background, sandalwood essence and resins offer an enveloping, delicately ambered result. It is a perfume that is both intense and subtle, sure to delight mothers with a strong character.

Price: 2,770 MAD for a 75ml bottle.
Available at Esthécare.


The most feminine: My Way nectar eau de parfum, Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani unveils a new variation of its My Way eau de parfum. This one opens with juicy pear and aromatic rhubarb. These fruity notes blend with the tangy freshness of bergamot and orange blossom. At its center,  tuberose absolute is illuminated by a soft jasmine. The whole merges into a blend of white woods, warm cedar, Bourbon vanilla, and white musks. The result is a radiant and indulgent fruity floral trail.

Price: 1,462 DH for a 90 ml bottle.
Available in selective perfumeries.

The most elegant: La Fille Tour de Fer, Serge Lutens

If you’re looking for an elegant fragrance that’s also enigmatic and charismatic, why not opt for a creation from Serge Lutens? For over 20 years, this niche perfumery has bottled scents with a unique signature. While Féminité du Bois, Ambre Sultan, and La Fille de Berlin have become legendary over the years, this season, we’re tempted by the brand’s new 2024 perfume: La Fille Tour de Fer.

Crafted around the natural essence of pink berries, rose absolute, iris notes, violet, and lily of the valley, this scent undoubtedly evokes  Parisian elegance. Like all Serge Lutens creations, this one shakes things up and reveals the free spirit of the wearer. We’ll let you form your own opinion.

Price: approximately 2,400 DH for a 100 ml bottle.
Available on

The most oriental: Nomade Nuit d’Égypte eau de parfum, Chloé

A tribute to the home country of Gaby Aghion, founder of this perfumery,  this new creation offers a modern and refined interpretation of kyphi, a mysterious and sacred ancient perfume, particularly appreciated by the inhabitants of ancient Egypt. Here, the powerful resinous accents of myrrh blend with the spicy notes of ginger and cinnamon, then with the honeyed tones of broom flower nectar. At the heart of the fragrance, an orange blossom absolute reveals a sweet and deep facet while a touch of vanilla, both warm and sensual, envelops everything in smooth and ambery notes. It’s an almost intoxicating, enchanting perfume for 2024,  composed of 90% naturally sourced ingredients.

Perfume Gift Set

Price: 1,528 DH for a 75 ml bottle.
Available in selective perfumeries.

The most sultry: L’Interdit Tubéreuse Noire Eau de Parfum, Givenchy

Givenchy unveils a limited edition reinterpretation of its best-seller, L’Interdit. And it’s tuberose, renowned as one of the most fragrant flowers in the world, that takes center stage here. Each bottle encapsulates 8 hand-picked tuberose flowers and an exclusive  blend of burnt petals. To this white floral bouquet are added magnetic roasted coffee notes, while vetiver and patchouli amplify the sensuality of the composition. As you can imagine, this new opus, both erotic and intoxicating, has everything to tantalize the senses.

Price: approximately 1,200 MAD for a 50ml bottle.
Coming soon to Morocco in selective perfumeries or currently available on

The freshest: Cologne Musk Memento, Jo Malone

We conclude our selection with this limited edition by Jo Malone. This  English perfumery  draws inspiration here from the fresh and familiar scent of a traditional bar of soap. To achieve this, Cologne Musk Memento opens with an aldehyde note, reminiscent of the smell of clean laundry. At its core,  cedarwood combined with a touch of lavender give the fragrance charisma and intensity. Finally, the powdery and pure tones of white musk accentuate blend, offering a lingering sensation of softness. It’s a  comforting cologne, perfect for sunny days.

Perfume Gift Set

Price: approximately 850 MAD for a 30ml bottle.
Available on

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