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Looking for a bit of art and culture? Shoelifer has compiled  the 7 must-see exhibitions of 2024. Whether solo or group shows, paintings or photographs, there’s something to suit every taste. Here’s a sneak peek! 


That’s the title of Najia Mehadji’s latest exhibition at Atelier 21. The visual artist, whose works grace the collections of the Arab World Institute, the Amman Museum of Fine Arts, and the Mohammed VI Museum, brings the rose back into the limelight. In this new series, the artist metamorphoses it to give it even more fullness,  using a large masking brush. On monochrome canvases, she manages to implement her unmistakable strokes,  this time expressing compassion for  human tragedy. In the current context, “Rosebud” is meant by the artist to be a “symbol of offering, love, beauty, ephemerality, in contrast to death.” It’s definitely one of the exhibitions of 2024 not to be missed!

“Rosebud”, Najia Mehadji
Art Gallery Atelier 21
21 rue Abou Mahassine Arrouyani, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 98 17 85

“Life Lines”

For its first exhibition dedicated to photography, the Jaal Riad Resort in Marrakech has chosen Alan Keohane. An English photographer based in Marrakech since 1993, he will exhibit a series of portraits. The artist is well known in the world of hospitality in Morocco. Indeed, he has indeed collaborated with La Mamounia, the Michlifen Resort, the Fairmont Royal Palm, and the Four Seasons. Through his lens, he sought to sublimate the interiors and exteriors of these establishments, but he also traveled extensively in the kingdom which he particularly cherishes. For this exhibition, Alan Keohane has selected portraits, full of emotion, of individuals encountered during his travels. The result is striking; it tells the story of lives that are so very different, and yet so very similar. . The portraits immortalize simple yet profound emotions, with a sharp eye for detail. The light, contrasts, and the subjects themselves reveal the richness of Morocco!


“Life Lines”, Alan Keohane
Vernissage and exhibition starting from May 2, 2024
Jaal Riad Marrakech, bd Mohammed VI
Tel.: 05 29 08 01 06

“Le Temps d’un instant”

 The new exhibition at Eden Art Gallery immerses us in the worlds of three women with different backgrounds and life journeys.  Their common thread? Perhaps the poetic aspect with which they deliver their visions of nature.

Dalida Benseffaj is a multidisciplinary artist, native to Tetouan. Her painting focuses mainly on the human element. She is drawn to her interactions with nature in particular. As a specialist in documentary cinema, she seeks to create an invisible connection between her works and those who view them.

Rita Benjelloun offers a selection of canvases where color serves as the guiding thread. They “merge and blend into each other” to make us feel nature, the main theme of the artist’s work. Both gentle and powerful, her works tell the story of a moment to which everyone can relate. 

Esther Martinez Recuero is a visual artist and painter born in Madrid. Although she has used various means of expression throughout her career (music, new technologies, poetry), she has chosen to present a series of paintings for the 2024 exhibitions. Blossoming and the marine world are themes that interest her and lead her to deliver nuanced impressions.  Lines, knots, or bonds are made and undone according to the emotions she seeks to capture.

 “Le Temps d’un instant”
From April 25 to May 25, 2024
Ednart Gallery 12 rue Aïn El Aouda, Casablanca
Tel.: 06 76 98 38 15

 “Le Silence des Mots”

 Painter Hamid Douieb exhibits his latest works at Myriem Himmich Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Casablanca. For this solo show, this native of Casablanca, both a painter and an engineer, invites us to discover the subtlety of the moment when words fail and hands express themselves. His representational  painting, supported by details bordering on hyperrealism, transports us into a unique visual universe. Hands and gestures intertwine and speak a kind of  sign language, undoubtedly much more powerful than words. Shadows, depths, the texture of the skin, as well as the palette are both sober and surprisingly real.

“Le Silence des Mots”
From May 2 to 14, 2024
207 boulevard de la Résistance, Casablanca
Tel.: 06 61 69 88 17
[email protected]

 “Through Earth, Sea & Space” & “Material Muses”

 The Loft Art Gallery in Marrakech welcomes, starting from May 10th, two artists: Amina Rezki and Kwaku Yaro. The former hails from Tangier and currently resides and works in Brussels. With her latest series of works, she invites us into her boundless and wild imagination, a journey filled with portraits that pay homage to the realms of earth, sea, and space. Figures strike poses, beckoning the viewer, while numerous intriguing details compose the scenery.

 The latter, Kwaku Yaro, is a young self-taught Ghanaian artist living in Accra. He presents “Material Muses,” a collection also consisting of portraits. What sets him apart is his reuse of various materials. He assembles, juxtaposes, and glues pieces of mats, plastic bags, or jute canvases to create works whose dimension transcends that of a simple portrait. Both Amina Rezki and Kwaku Yaro offer dedicated  work that undoubtedly constitutes a must-see among the 2024 exhibitions!

“Through Earth, Sea & Space” & “Material Muses”
Opening reception on May 10th at 7:00 PM
From May 10th to June 10th, 2024
60 Boulevard El Mansour Eddahbi, Guéliz, Marrakech


Under the theme of one of the four elements, fire, visual artist Yacout Hamdouch presents her works at Galerie 38 in Marrakech. Using acrylic on canvas or wood, the Moroccan painter invites us to discover her graphic interpretation of flame, of fire. She has drawn from the very history of its discovery all the brilliance and uniqueness that characterize it. Each fire is unique, captivating. It radiates for the artist its own energy and a palette of colors that she explores and leverages with great modernity and purity. The result unquestionably nourishes our reflection on the symbolism of fire. Destruction, renewal, wealth, fertility are words inspired by Yacout Hamdouch’s work. “Feux” is one of those exhibitions of 2024 that will be remembered!

Opening reception on May 3rd starting from 7:30 PM
64 Rue Tarik Ibn Ziad, Marrakech

“Seeds & Vegetal”

A traveling  exhibition, organized in a partnership by Art First, Galerie Dar D’Art, and the American Arts Center for Casablanca, “Seeds & Vegetal” recounts the botanical wanderings of Lamia Miriam Skiredj. After being presented at the end of 2023 in Tangier, the artist’s work will now be showcased in the economic capital. A true immersion into a world imagined by the painter, the exhibition questions the relationship between man and nature. It is an initiatory journey into the universe of this visual artist who seeks to capture the viewer’s attention by immersing them in a fusion of organic forms, colors with eloquent contrasts, and infinitely small details. This exhibition  seeks to reconnect us with the very essence of our being, one that is deeply respectful of  nature.

“Seeds & Vegetal”
Opening reception on May 29th at 7:00 PM
Exhibition from May 30th to June 30th
2 Khalil Matrane, Casablanca
Tel.: 05 22 27 77 65

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