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Have you asked your child to stop playing soccer in the living room for the 10th time, but you’re running out of alternative suggestions? Does their constant “mom/dad, I’m bored…” make you want to flee to an ashram in India? Take a deep breath, we have plenty of ideas for you.                                                                            activities for children

Take the kids out for ice cream, check. Head to the beach, check. Visit the park, check. The holidays have just begun and you feel like you’ve exhausted all your resources. Not so fast! We have some suggestions for you! In recent years, places dedicated to children’s activities have multiplied in Casablanca, each one more unique than the other. Some even offer summer camp programs for working parents who don’t have childcare options. Let us introduce you to our favorites.

For budding engineers: Amuzeum

As the name suggests, Amuzeum offers children the opportunity to learn in a playful way. In this temple of discovery located in Dar Bouzza, they can become archaeologists for a day, construction site managers, or even airplane pilots (yes, with a real flight simulator!). Throughout the day, children engage in various experiences. A jump on a trampoline propels them into the Milky Way, a pedal stroke lights up a bulb… At the supermarket, they practice grocery shopping like adults, while the music kiosk allows them to experiment with musical instruments. Here, they are allowed to touch everything, and it is even encouraged. Breaking news: a swimming pool has just been added to the list of options, and they have just added a summer camp program. What else could you ask for?

Amuzeum, Route d’Azemmour (opposite Le Mercato shopping center), Dar Bouazza.
For whom: Children aged 18 months to 12 years.
When: Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6:30 pm, and weekends from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed on Mondays.
Price: Tickets are 120 DH during the week and 180 DH on weekends. Summer camp packages range from 1000 DH to 1300 DH per week.
More info: Tel: 06 66 41 10 23 or 06 66 41 09 80. Email: [email protected]

For sports enthusiasts: Kidi Club

In the category of sports clubs, the most extensive is undoubtedly Kidi Club, located in the heart of the Palmier neighborhood. We appreciate the quality of its facilities spread over 1800 m2, and the professionalism of the staff. Football, dance (classical and hip-hop), boxing, judo, swimming, gymnastics, Zumba… all the usual activities are part of the summer camp program, which lasts for a week. This year, Kidi Club has themed its summer program around “Discovering Our Country.” Games and workshops will focus each week on a different region of the kingdom to discover its customs, gastronomy, music, dance, traditional costumes… The only downside: your children won’t want to leave.                                                                                                                    activities for children

Kidi Club, Boulevard du 9 Avril, Palmier, Casablanca.
For whom: Children aged 3 to 12 years.
When: One-week session throughout the summer, from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
Price: 1200 DH per week (1000 DH for members).
More info: Tel: 05 20 18 38 62 or 06 93 15 01 40.

For the curious: Quartier Libre and MK INO

A true imaginarium for children, Quartier Libre is a miniature city recreated with every detail: a hospital, supermarket, construction site, beauty salon, theater… There is plenty to inspire the imagination of both young and old. The special summer vacation package offers workshops in four themes: visual arts, jewelry making, science, and pastry-making.

Since the creation of Quartier Libre in 2017, the concept has expanded. The latest addition of its kind is MK INO, which features a mini-city as well as a playground with trampolines, slides, a ball pit, and a rope bridge. During the summer, weekly camp programs take children on a trip around the world with their favorite cartoon characters. Adults will particularly appreciate the café-restaurant area to indulge in a gourmet break while the children have fun.                                                                                  activities for children

Quartier Libre, 1 Rue Ahmed Amine, Casablanca.
For whom: Children aged 4 to 11 years.
When: Monday to Friday, starting from February 15, from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Closed the first week of August.
Price: The vacation camp package is 1400 DH, including lunch and snack.
More info: Tel: 05 20 70 08 30.

MK INO kids play café, Rue Al Marouni, Casablanca.
For whom: Children aged 0 to 12 years.
When: Every day.
Price: 240 DH for a half-day, 330 DH for a full day, weekly packages range from 800 DH to 1200 DH, including lunch and snack.
More info: Tel: 06 69 33 96 13

For food lovers: B-happy in my kitchen

Educating children through taste is the idea behind B-Happy in my Kitchen, an extension of the Allo Briouates delivery service that now includes cooking classes. These gourmet workshops for budding chefs have a fun educational touch. While supervised, it is the children who take charge, from weighing the ingredients to putting them in the oven. It’s also an opportunity to incorporate a little math or solve a few puzzles  along the way. Pretty clever! From pop pizzas to banana-chocolate rolls or leek quiches, a new theme is explored every week. And while fruits and vegetables are often favored, every once in a while they create something “naughty” and delicious. We’re already looking forward to the Snickers-style cake. The cherry on top is that at the end of the tasting, everyone takes home their own creation. And according to the parents, it’s not just the children who want more.                                                                                        activities for children

B-Happy in my Kitchen
For whom: Two groups are offered, one for children aged 3 to 5 years, and another for children aged 8 and above.
When: Every Wednesday and Saturday.
Price: 150 DH per class.
More info: 06 96 02 34 83.


For the shy ones: Le Chant des Possibles by Myriam Sif

Can we help children overcome their shyness through singing? That’s what Myriam Sif, an opera singer and music therapist, offers through music awakening workshops, among other things. The artist has more than one trick up her sleeve when it comes to boosting self-confidence, reconnecting with the body, or simply having a good time. Yes, all of this through singing, with hour-long classes held at her home, tailored to the profiles of each individual, whether children or adults. While we appreciate the opportunity to sing solo or in small groups (2 or 3 people max), we are also tempted to enroll our little ones to enjoy the musical tales activity: a story entirely created with the children based on songs and accompanied by a specialist musician and guitarist. A true musical journey.

activities for children

For whom: Children aged 2 and above for music awakening, and from 5 years old for music therapy and singing classes.
When: Hour-long classes for younger children and hour-and-a-half classes for older children, once or twice a week, depending on individual preferences.
Price: 250 DH for children, 300 DH for adults.
More info: Tel: 06 72 33 77 14. Email: [email protected].

For the artists: La Tribu Farfelue

Stimulating imagination is what La Tribu Farfelue (The Zany Tribe) offers, a “creative-sitting” concept with hands-on workshops for future Picassos, created by Sara Kaiss, an art lover herself. Painting classes, recycling, weaving, DIY projects, and sensory awakening, it’s all about fostering the joy of creating with one’s own hands. It’s like opening a treasure chest: making a puppet theater, creating a masquerade ball costume, painting on shared canvases, making a magic wand, or even a popsicle stick helicopter… Sara is full of tricks to keep the little ones occupied and ultimately develop their self-esteem.

La Tribu Farfelue, Nid d’éveil, 46 Lot. Salaj, Ain Diab, Casablanca.
For whom: Children aged 3 to 12 years.
When: Every day from 9 am to 4:30 pm, summer camp until August 25th.
Price: 180 DH for a half-day, 300 DH for a full day, 750 DH to 1200 DH per week, including lunch and snack.
More info: Tel: 07 78 60 75 36.

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