The Citroën AMI Buggy is arriving here, and there won’t be enough for everyone! This is a limited edition, available at a price of 120,000 DH out-of-the box, and is offered in only 20 units. Roofless and doorless, this electric vehicle fully embraces its status as an intrepid adventurer. The Shoelifer team tested it… and would have gladly kept it!

A quick reminder! In 2020, Citroën introduced the AMI to the market, a mini quadricycle designed for urban mobility… Limited to 45 km/h, this 100% electric car that doesn’t require  a driver’s license has a range of about 75 km. With more than 35,000 units sold since its launch, the Citroën AMI Buggy has been a hit worldwide. Riding on its success, the manufacturer decided in 2022 to reimagine this mini-icon by launching My AMI Buggy Concept. This time, the designers at the Chevron brand wanted to fully emphasize its adventurous spirit. Roofless and doorless, this mini off-road vehicle allows you to cruise the roads with the wind in your hair.

An adventurer that doesn’t lack character or style…

Since July 24, 2023, the limited edition of the Citroën AMI Buggy has been available for online reservation through a dedicated landing page. Still compact, fearless, and adorable, My AMI Buggy II invites you to “experience the outdoors differently.” Perfect for a seaside or countryside getaway, this mini city car is perfectly suited for the game. And in the city, its small size allows it to park anywhere. For this edition, the brand has taken the features of the My AMI Buggy Concept while enhancing its character. “Without doors, with a retractable roof, AMI Buggy allows the driver and passenger to feel freer and fully enjoy silent driving in electric mode,” says Laurence Hansen, Product and Strategy Director at Citroën.

True to the concept of the first version, the doors are replaced by metal tubes. The roof, meanwhile, is a removable canvas for a sense of total freedom. Once rolled up, the canvas is stored behind the seats. It has a look that is reminiscent of the Mehari or the 2CV, iconic cars that embody the spirit of freedom of the 1960s and 1970s.


A design meticulously thought out…

By choosing the khaki color, the manufacturer wanted to align with the spirit of nature, outdoor activities, and leisure (golfers, it’s for you!). Its design has been meticulously thought out. The khaki-colored body is punctuated with bright yellow. Its all-terrain wheels, 14” golden rims, fender flares, and front bumpers give it a more assertive and dynamic appearance. Black-tinted protective accessories in the interior body enhance its look, creating a contrast with the khaki color. And in the process, reinforcing the impression of robustness.

Inside, the ambiance is just as lively…The same yellow is featured on several elements of the cabin: storage bins, bag hooks, and pull loops. As for the seats, they are covered in black-coated technical fabric with yellow stitching. The floor mats also reveal yellow details through their stitching and double inner rings.

Citroën AMI BUGGYThe Citroën AMI Buggy also comes with the perfect adventurer’s kit: a mini Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth speaker, an Ice-Watch watch, as well as a comb and a bucket hat–rovided you are among the 20 lucky buyers. Given its success, you’ll need to act quickly!

Common technical specifications for all AMIs:

Maximum speed 45 km/h;
8 hp electric motor;
2.41 meters long;
Rechargeable in 4 hours on a household outlet;
Lithium-Ion battery (5.5 kWh power).
Price 120,000 DH all-inclusive (including registration fees).

Online reservation only.

Picture (c) : Maison Vignaux

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