Vintage addresses in Morocco

Where can you find beautiful second-hand pieces in perfect condition? Online or in stores, Shoelifer reveals its favorite vintage stores in Morocco where you can shop for original — and sometimes rare!– fashion pieces.

In recent years, the second-hand market has become widely popular. According to the site Études et Analysesin 2023, vintage has become a full-fledged mode of consumption, specifically in France. Today, there is no shortage of vintage stores in Morocco and e-shops that offer clothing in excellent condition. This mode of consumption is no longer taboo; it has even become chic! On one hand, this trend aligns with an ecological approach by reducing waste. On the other hand, vintage is a fashion statement. And it’s economical… In a market where options are very standardized (and often of poor quality), pieces from designers and major brands have many bright years ahead of them! Here are our favorite vintage stores in Morocco.

Ikone Vintage

Ikone Vintage is an online luxury thrift store that offers lovely fashion gems at a very accessible price. Created by Iness Naciri (a serial bargain hunter and fashion enthusiast), this brand offers iconic pieces. To find her second-hand clothing, she travels to Paris every month and also visits vintage markets in Europe (Milan, London, Amsterdam). Nothing escapes her keen eye! The clothing is always spot-on with the current trends. Or you can find unique pieces to make a fashion statement, by mixing and matching trench coats, oversized blazers, kimonos, and more. At Ikone Vintage, you can also find rare luxury pieces from collections dating from the 1990s to 2000s.

We love: their shopping selections are always current.
Delivery available throughout Morocco.

Ruhu Huru

On Ruhu Huru, you will find carefully selected vintage pieces or items that have been refurbished. The creator of the e-shop, Tunu Kibelloh, a vintage fashion enthusiast and tireless thrift shopper, also sells her own line of clothing. This line consists of original pieces made in Morocco, handcrafted and inspired by the bohemian and retro style of the 1970s. You’ll find psychedelic prints and flower-patterned pants. To stay true to the spirit of sustainable and ethical fashion, all the clothes are made from surplus textile industry stock. As both an online thrift store and a brand, Ruhu Huru is one of the must-visit vintage stores in Morocco.

We love: their upcycled leather belts inspired by the 1980s. Adorned with a golden brass buckle, they can elevate any outfit!

Delivery available throughout Morocco.

Ayam Zamane

Ayam Zamane is the only “physical” store in our selection of vintage spots in Morocco. Trailblazer Zineb Ismaili,the creator, started her vintage journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. After scouring the souks for rare pieces, she turned to clothing wholesalers based in Europe. Her first sale (held in her apartment) was a massive success. From then on, the Ayam Zamane phenomenon gained momentum, and followers surged. Today, she has her own store at Anfa Place Mall. You can truly find everything here at affordable prices: oversized trench coats, Austrian cardigans, evening dresses, Levis jeans, vintage caftans… as well as scarves, accessories, and jewelry. You can even discover genuine luxury pieces without breaking the bank. Ayam Zamane also organizes theme-based sales based on the latest arrivals: jewelry, belts…

Physical store: Anfa Place Mall, Casablanca.
We love: its extremely eclectic selection!

La Lunetterie Vintage

If you’re looking for retro eyewear (optical or sunglasses), La Lunetterie Vintage is one of the vintage spots in Morocco to know! This Instagram store gives a second life to frames from the 1980s or 1990s, most of which have never been worn. They mainly come from surplus stocks. You’ll find a highly varied selection of Courrèges, Kenzo, and Charles Jourdan glasses… And they stand out from the other models you find on the market.

We love: their retro models (totally up-to-date) that are no longer produced today!
Ships throughout Morocco.

If you’re on the lookout for luxury fashion and decor deals, don’t miss the next edition of Vintage Village in Casablanca. This event, held every three months, brings together about twenty exhibitors in various categories (jewelry, caftans, furniture). The date and location will be announced exclusively on their Instagram page. 

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